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Norwell Public Library 

\ ^ m 

nee upon tim 

of Norwell, there livectTTS little boys and gjrls- 

ittl> boy 

many years these dhildrerts^ent their days laug 
learning and playing at thar schools-Cole and Vii 

s- For 

However, tl^ere came a djf^y when the^e children-not so 
little anymbre-merged^c^ getheii ^J^ middl^ schod 
years were tihf^s oTgrpvion^ maturing. 
There were th^ unf orgittable^Hc^y^m^^ dances, ' 

infamous ski trips anathe big D.(X trip/ And just as the 
kids were afljusting jo their new school, it came tim^ for 
yetaPether-ohang^- high school, f ourvears filled witn 
woftG^memoriesy'friendship and fun. Tnere were games 
to be won, playsTo be performed^ aind concerts to 
held; Friday night f odtball games to attendp \ 
Homecomings and Iroms- There was gym wit^ Mr. 
Lanti^ andjlre^dea exams, anticipated lovlg^eekends, 
NO sN6^ciai^$ai^d W 6liai^s per table in the lib^ry. 
»ugh it all^ the 

Homecomings and Iroms- There 
Lanti^ anddreadea exams, ant 
NO snbj^SaH ai^djjc^ chairs p 
Through MMWi^^ 

the}rba^<^£Uraveled. . a . 

^^n \i 

r/rf or tbei 

wn to^^ther, 

^ . par<!srfor their next 
ly]||ause and reflect on the road 


..'Pcu|fc 15-41 


T(M Ei3e«fe .-pcui^ M^ox^f^ 196-195 

SmL®rs. ; .'po^a 4S-I56,l60-I6l 

li9uter Sports 

iL^Uter EOenfe 

Sprlnq EiDgflfe 


...-pcuia 164-179 

.....'Pcu|fc I5S-I59 




Dr. Beaudette 

Vice Principal McCallum, Principal Keegan, 
Vice Principal Keating 


Nurse: Ms. Mclnnis 

Athletic Director: Mr. Paine 

Ms. Baririentos, Ms. Greene, 
Ms. St. Peter, Ms. Arnold 

Librarian: Mr. Schelvan 

Support Services: 
Back row: Ms. Boyer, Mr. Bennedict, 
Ms. Schad, Ms. Thigpen, Ms. Field 
Front row: Ms. Scott, Ms. Rheault, Ms. Ingeme, Ms. Lutchman 

Physical Education: Mr. Lantier Administrative Secretaries: Ms. Holland, 

Ms. Hannigan, Ms. Leary, Ms. Cratto 

The Social Studies Department 
Mr. Willis, Mr. Jacobs, 
Mr. Goniatis, Mr. Lacy, 
Mr. DiTomaso, Ms. Keating, 
Ms. Hawkins, and Ms. Fox 

TTie Mathematics Department: 
Mr. Zini, Mr. Vacha, Ms. Connor, 
Ms. Hosea, Ms. Cortright, 
Nr. Narani 
Not Picturesd: Ms. Plassmann 

The English Department: 
Ms. Criss, Ms.UTiiting, 
Mr. Belmore, Ms. Sulc, Ms. Brow^ 
Ms. Atkinson, Ms. Ely ' 
Not Pictured: Mr. Sullivan 

The Technology/Media 
Department: Mr. Herman and 
Mr. Kowalski 

The Music Department: 
Ms. Cortright and 
Mr. O'Briant 

The Art Department: 
Mr. Papadonis and 
Mr. Nottingham 

The Foreign Language 
Department: Mr. Whelton, 
Mr. Hanke, Ms. Gilabert, 
Ms. Ward, Ms. Doyle, 
Ms. Adams, Ms. Mifdal 

^ 1 w # f 


Food Services: Back Row: Mrs. Kaczmasz, Mrs. Schaffer, 
Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Cocce, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Cleary, 

and Mrs. Dwyer 

Custodial Services: Mr. Jones, Mr. Ash, Mr. Frasier, Mr. Shea 

JVlrs. Atkinson. . . 

"Wire. Atkinson has been an incredible mentor, and I l<now I will 
use the skills she has taught me for the rest of my career as an 
English teacher. I will miss her passion for literature, her 
knowledge and expertise, and especially her friendship. NHS will 
not be able to replace such an amazing teacher and human 

"Mrs. Atkinson, Thank 
you for your trust, 
support and friendship 
in welcoming me to 
Norwell High. 'May 
the road rise to meet 
you...' as you begin 
your next great quest: 
-Craig Belmore 


-Kristin Whiting 

"Not only has Mrs. Atkinson been a 
wonderful teacher to hundreds of 
students over the years, she also set an 
excellent example for me, a relatively 
young teacher. I have learned so much 
from her these past three years and 1 
know 1 am a better teacher because of 
her. Mrs. Atkinson often teaches by 
example through her professionalism, 
intelligence and loyalty to her 
students, colleagues, and friends. 1 
truly cannot imagine Norwell High 
School without her; she is an 
irreplaceable part of the family here, 
and we will all miss her very much." 
-Kelly Criss 

"Our paths crossed "Enjoy 

Many years ago as retirement. 

Parents youVe earned it!" 

Colleagues t j ^ l. i 

Friends '^^^ ScheWan 
And our friendship 
Is what I will always cherish. 
I will miss you." 

"Mrs. Atkinson, it has been a joy and 
pleasure working with you over the last 
four years. I will treasure your passion 
and commitment to literature, 
especially poetry. Thank you for your 
support and helping me to find my way 
here at Norwell. It is comforting to 
know that you are just around the 
corner. I look forward to seeing you on 
a mountain peak, cross country skiing 
or flying by me on a bicycle. Take care 
and spoil yourself, your children and 
your grandchildren." 
-Matt Keegan 

"Wc all love Mrs. Atkihsow. There arew't 
waMy teachers at NHS that have fought 
off a wild grizzly bear! Not only does she 
teach us to defend ourselves frow 
ferocious wildlife, she is also a great 
teacher and her presence at NHS will be 

'Senior Fat Kelly 

Love, Jim 

"May you wake up in the morning to the sounds of singing birds, 
May you have the time to enjoy the sunlight warm upon your face 
May you have the time the read and dream 

May you explore the world around you, hike through the hills, swim in 
the sea and smell the scent of flowers 

May you have the time for family, family, the best gift of all." 
-Andrea Keating 

Dear Class of 2010, 

I clearly remember you as freshmen. It was my 
first year at Norwell High School as well. All of 
you have grown and matured in amazing ways. 
Your commitment to the classroom, co-curricular 
activities, and the spirit of the building as a class 
deserves recognition and is the best I have seen as 
an educator. As you complete your senior year, 
many have commented on your leadership by 
example, politeness, responsibility, and willingness 
to help out and take initiative. You have set a new 
standard for Norwell High School students and the 
bar has been set very high. 

Thank you for working hard, taking risks, and 
supporting one another. Your class hasomade a 
difference, and we know you will continue to 
make a difference as you pursue your goals in the 


Mr. Keegan 


Anna Baraer 

Rachael Caldwell 

Paul Capuz/.o 


Isabella Abelite Titilayo Adebanjo Kaylyn Allahyarian 

Kathryn Ayles 

Matthew Barry 

Peter Battinelli Francesca Bellofatto 

Keith Callahan 

Meghan Callahan 

Robert Callahan 

Arianna Cash 

Angelica Chan 

Sarah Ciardi 

Dillon Bailey 

Emily Bernard 

Jonathan Cannon 

Emily Cipriano 



Aisling Dalco 

Maeve Dennigan 

Hannah Dardinski 

Conor Davies 

Colin Deary 

Wesley Dickhaut 

Elizabeth Diggins 

Victoria Dinger 

Madeline Eaves Christopher Ecclestone 

Signey Eljach 

Matthew Escano 

Carly DeLugan 

David Dvko 

Mary Ferzoco 



Holly Frattasio 

Marissa Gratta 

Hannah Getto 

Katherine Gilroy 

Mary Gogarty 

Brian Gunning Gracemarie Gunning 

Ryan Hanlon 

John Harrington Margaret Hayes 

Brian Hickey 

Casey Hi! 

Zachary Good 

Conor Haraden 

Alexis Hilson 

Linnea Houde 

Patrick Howe 

Courtney Hudgins Corinne Hullman 

Paige Hultman 



Matthew Infascelli 

Gabriella Joyce 

Thomas Jensen 

Timothy Jones 

Annie-Lori Joseph 

Patrick Joyce 

Amanda Keenan 

Rachel Kelly 

Joseph LamparelH 

James Laubenstein 

Genji Leonard 

Jordan Livineston 

Kathleen Joseph 

Ashley Kenney 

Sean Locke 

Vanessa Lyle 

Bethany Lynch 

Joseph Lynch 

Caitlin Macauley 

Luke Macdonald 



Madison Maduri 

Jared Mahoney 

Meghan Mahoney 

Molly Manning 

Julianne Mariano 

Reed Markham 

Jake Marr 

D'Anna Mayers 

Alexandra Mazzulli Madelynne McCauley Virginia McCord 

Hannah Melnnis 

Matthew McKeen 

Emily Miiliken 

Alexander Milne 

Faith Morgan 

Ryan Mudge 

Caitlin Murphy 

Peter Marchetti 

Gabrielle Marrese Margaret Masterson 

Joseph McGlinchey 

Jake Montoya 

Kassidy Nadeau 

Patrick Naughton 

Megan O'Brien 

Courtnev Smith 

Casey Studley 

Katherine Snvder 

Kali Spall 

Brian Spillane 

John Spillane 

Rachel Talanian 

Shirin Tehrani 

Kevin Thurston 

Shawn Tierney 

Thomas Vafiades 

Gabriela Vernaiha 

Ashley Voner 

Morgan Walsh 

Madeline Ward 

Noah Wasserman Mark Webber Holly Weiler Owen Wiggins 

Not Pictured: Caitlin O'Malley 

Elisabeth O'Malley 








: AH 


Who is the most intitHidating senior 

"Ryan Peary"-Oweii Wiggins 
Who is the most intimidating "Pat JohM8toii"-Maeve PeHHigan 

senior girl? 

"Vikki Pagnini"-Brian Gunning 
"Emily Hoffman"-Mary Ferzoco 
"Olivia Huie"-Sean Tierney 

What 1/ the mo/t annoying thing 

Cabat mil you miss most about ^^^"^ /enior/? 

tbc senior class? "bar/tow boy/"-Ael lilley 

"(Jlelcoming"-Hbby Smitb "/enior dudezz'-Ratelyn Thomp/on 

School spmt'-Ratby Callahan 
"Personality' -Colleen f itzgibbons 

one, wo»^d/ kow would you 
desc^^ibe +ke senioj^ class? 
"£KvtKusias+ic"-AAeac|kah Dwyef^ 
" LA Kvfo i^gi etf a b I e" -£l i 2a 

Lowly Worm. 
Follow your heart and 
stay true to yourself, as 
you have always done, 
and happiness and 
success will continue to 
come your way. 
We love you. 
Mom. Dad. Sarah. Jack. 
Joe and Boo 

John John. 
We are so proud of 
the man you have 
b«ecome. /\Aay you 
continue to pursue 
your passions and find 
happiness. Know that 
we love you and are 
there for you always. 

Mom. Dad and Michael 

^ II 


I can't believe its time for you 
to graduate! I'm so proud of 
you!! All the hurdles you have 
overcome. Never give up~ 
you can do anything you put 
your mind to! Ok baby bird, 
time to spread your wings and 
fly free! 
Love always. 

Congratulations! You're 
one in a million with a 
heart of gold. Follow your 
dreams and the world is 
yours. We love you 
Mom and Dad 

It has been a joy 
watching you grow into 
an intelligent and unique 
young man. Keep your 
curiosity alive, hold onto 
your sense of humor and 
go for it! You are our 

Love. Mom. Dad. Brian. 


We are so proud of your 
dedication and passion 
you bring to everything 
you do! Keep God central 
in your life and He will 
give you the dreams of 
your heart. 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations! You 
have enriched our lives 
more than words can 
^ say. Thanks for your 
^ strength, love, laughter- 
I and -for always believing 
^ in each of us. We are so 

Mom. Dad. and Emily 


We are so proud of 
you for all of your 
accomplishments and 
the best is yet to 
come! You are a 
daughter anyone 
would be proud to 
Love you 
Mom &Dad 


We are so proud of you. 
May the path you take in 
life bring you to great 
places and fulfill all your 
dreams. You have grown 
into a wonderful young 
maa We wish you alll the 

Mom Dad Mick e Victoria 


Remembering the little 
girl who chose to wear a 
dress with dainty shoes 
while catching toads. I 
realize that you have 
never followed the 
crowd but always 
followed your dream. We 
are so proud of you! 
Mom. Dad. Katie. Anna 

"Oh the places you'll go!" 

Mom and Dad 


Thank you for brightening 
our lives with your sense 
of adventure, curiosity, 
generousity of spirit, your 
beautiful smile and quick 
mind. You've been a 
wonderful brother and a 
great son. 

Love. Mom. Dad. John. 


We are proud of you. 
You have a great passion 
for family, friends, sports 
teams and politics. You 
can accomplish anything 
that you want to. We 
are always with you. 

Mom. Dad. Paul. 
Catherine ard John 

^^^H Michael. 

^M^BH| You arQ a wonderful son and 

^^^j brother and we are very 
.--IM IP. pyfyj^ of you! Your kindness, 
thoughtfulness. even 
A disposition and great sense of 

~ humor delight us. Happiness 

' ^ . and success to you! Always. 

j^l^-s^ Dad. Mom. Stewart and 



Don't ever lose your 
individuality, sense of 
humor, and spirit of 
adventure. And don't 
ever forget how proud 
we are of you. and 
how much we love 

Mom. Dad. e Eric 


You have been a pure jOy and 
added much to our lives. It is 
time to follow your heart and 
curiosity. EnjOy the adventure. 
Keep in toucK We will always 
welcome you home. 

AAom. Dad. Sarah and Emma 

Dear Cam. 

Dad and I are so proud of you! 
You have brought us so much 
JOy and happiness! With your 
kind heart, great humor, and 
determination you can 
accomplish anything you want. 
We love you so sweet pea! 
All our love. 

AAom. Dad. Kyle, and Courtney 

"Mow Voyager, sail thou 
forth to seek and find." 
- Walt Whitman 

Go get 'em Denno! 
Love you like rainbows! 
Mom. Dad. and Alyssa 


v^ongratulations Blair on 
your graduation from 
Morwell Wigh School 20I0I 
Wg are so proud of your 
^ accompliehments at MHS. 
Wishing you great 
happiness and the best of 
luck in your future! 
Love. Mom. Dad. Brendan. 

To our "Bubba Boy." 
You have been a light in 
our lives since the day 
you were bom. Your 
positive spirit, sense of 
humor and sensitivity to 
others shines through 
always. We are so proud 
of our Boy. 

Love. Mum. Dad. Caitlin. 
Molly. Hannah. Riley 

■ V 1 V f I 

f '% 


18 years has passed so 
quickly arvd it seems like just 
yesterday you were this 
little. We are very proud of 
you for believing in yourself 
and maturing into the kind 
person you have become. 
We love you. 
Mom. Dad and Amanda 


Your ability to accept and 
conquer challenges has 
amazed us. We hope that 
you continue to pursue 
your passions with that 
incredible smile of yours. 
We are so proud of you 
and we love you so much! 
Mom. Dad and Mikayla 


What a great 17 years this 
has been for us_. Your 
sense of humor and easy 
going nature will serve you 
well in life! Your desire to 
travel will hopefully take 
you to many exciting 
places and create 
opportunities that you 
have yet to dream about. 
All of our love. 
Mom. Dad and Dylan 

We love you. ever since you 
were little we knew you were 
something special. 
You have always been 
someone who always followed 
her dreams. We hope your 
dreams do come true, and we 
will always be there to hielp 
you accomplish them, we are 
so proud of you. 

Mom. Dad. Meghan and 


Thinker, do-er. actor, 
dreamer. You are a 
unique, amazing young 
man and have the whole 
world open to you. We 
love you ard can't wait 
to watch your life unfold! 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Monica! 
You got over the first 
hurdle-now go out into 
the world and pursue the 
things that you enjoy. 

Mum. Dad. Lawrence and 
the Kittens! 

Dear Laura. 

As our youngest, you grew 
up fastest. We couldn't be 
more proud of the young 
woman you've become. 
We'll miss your humor, quiet 
confidence and positive 
outlook. Mave fun. work 
hard and follow your 
dreams. We're always here 
for you. 

Much Love. Dad. Mom. 
Doug & Jeff 

Mappy and Handsome 
Then . . . Mappy and 
Handsome Now! We 
Love You Son. Good 

-Your Mother and Father 

Tim. P 
A sweet and gentle little tg 
boy. Grown new to be a ■ 
respectable, polite, and ll 
compassionate young man \* 
with a wonderful, outgoing ^ 
personality. A great source ^ 
of pride. You have a bright Eg 
future ahead. P 
Love Mom and Dad ^ 

Dear Jayme. 
You are truly 
AWESOME! May your 
dreams come f:rue "over 
and over." You deserve 

With love always. 

Mom. Dad. Kristin and the 

whole family 


Just wanted you to know 
how much I have enjoyed 
watching you grow...and 
grow...and grow. I am so 
amazed that the activities 
you were so drawn to as a 
little-guy still bring you such 
pleasure as a big guy. 
Love u lots! 

We are proud of all of 
your achievements 
and we're excited 
about all that is ahead 
of you. Always believe 
in yourself, your 
decisions, and your 

Mom and Dad 


You have always had a 
look about you that 
showed that you were 
very confident, self 
assured and ready to 
take on any 
challenge... even from a 
very young age! 
Love always. 

Great job Chase. Don't 
let the door hit you on 
the way out ! 
We love you. Mom.Dad 
and Jake 

Dear Matt. 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you and your 
accomplishments as a student 
. athlete, and friend. Keep 
smiling and enjoy your family 
and friends as much as we do 
you. Your quiet 
determination will help you 
meet the adventures ahead. 
With our love and beet wishes. 
Mom. Dad. Kate. Greg. 
AAartha. and Teddy! 


your energy and 
enthusiasm have been a 
joy to behold. Keep 
reaching higher - work 
hard and play hard. EnjOy 
life, learn lots, and make 
friends. 'Ever to excel!" 
Love. Mom. Dad. Rose, 
Mary e Jane 

" ci c? c; 
I a a ' 

3 ■ 

B cj E3 na c 

<3 3 a B 
Wmf ^ Q a B 


You are a caring. 
compaseionatG young 
woman. We love how 
the simple things in life 
make you happy. We are 
proud of you and your 
accomplishments. You 
deserve the best life 

Love. Mom & Pad 


Remember the future is 
what you make of it. We 
are very proud of you. 
The best is yet to come. 
Love. /V\om. Dad. and 


We are so proud of 
your accomplishments. 
We know you will be 
successful in whatever 
you choose to do. 

Mom. Dad. Chris. Sarah 
& Sammy 


Congratulations! We are all 
so proud of you and love 
you very mucK You are 
the bright star in our family 
with your amazing 
personality, unique wit and 
good humor. Continue to 
work hard and all that you 
deserve will be yOurs! 
Love. Mom. Dad. Meaghan. 
Thomas, and Liam 


he biggest and best 
surprise of our lives! You 
continue to amaze us all 
with your daring wit. charm 
and activity level. Be safe, 
be careful, be loved and be 
happy in life. Remember a 
good attitude is the most 
important thing you need 
to succeed, also remember 
who loves you best Mom 

MaGve - 

Last but certainly not least! 
You are your own person: 
always choosing your own 
path. We are so proud of 
who you are and know 
there are great things 

Love Mom. Dad. Colleen & 

"Life is the sum of all your 
choices" Albert Camus 

Choose well and reach high. 
JIlie: the future is yours if you 
believe in your dreams and 
pursue them with integrity. 
You have been a joy to us and 
we are so very proud of you. 
Congratulations on a job well 

Love always. Mom and Dad 


"I have spent my life 
Seeking all that's still unsung 
Bent my ear to hear the tune 
And close my eyes to see. 
When there were no strings 
to play 

You played me." 

-The Grateful Dead 

Love forever. Mom 



It's hard to believe our little 
guy has grown into such a 
confident, outgoing and 
caring young man. These 
qualities will take you far 
and make your future bright. 
We're very proud of you 
and all you have 
All our love. 
Mom. Dad and Alissa 


The seed that we 
planted in our garden has 
blossomed to a unique 
flower. We are proud of 
the remarkable young 
lady you've become. We 
love you! 

Mom. Dad. Savannah, 
and Kiko. 
Good luck! 

j Pete. 

You've covered many miles 
and climbed a few 
mountains these past four 
years: probably more and 
higher than you ever 
thought a possible. We 
aren't suprised. but we are 
very proud. Now it's time 
to find those frogs we 
talked about, wherever 
tfiey are. 

Dear F>atrick. i 
From the time you were bom until 
now you have continued to amaze ue. 
We witnessed something very special 
about you. it was a unique quite 
determination to work hard and do ] 
well. Your determination will be the 
key to your success in life. You are a 
kind, thoughful and caring yOung man. 
with a wonderful temperament. youVe 
got what it takes: just go for it... 
Love. I 
Mom. Dad. and Bill XOXQ 

How did it get so late so 

It's night before it's afternoon. 
December is here before it's 

My goodness how the time 

Mow did it get so late so 
-Dr. Seuss 
We love you James 
Mom. Dad e Tom 

"We have all a better 
guide in ourselves, if we 
would attend to it. than 
any other person can 
be." Jane Austin 
Follow your heart and 
keep believing in yourself. 
We are proud of you and 
admire the person you 
have become. 
Love. Mom. Dad. 
Elizabeth and Patrick 



It hae been an 
awesome exp^erience 
watching you grow 
and mature. Continue 
to reach for the stars 
and shoot for the 
moon as you pursue 
your dreams. 
Love Mom and Dad 

Dear Elizabeth. 
It seems like just 
yesterday you were 
waiting to ride the bus to 
kindergarten. You 
couldn't wait! Mow you're 
off to another exciting 
ride! We are so proud of 
you! We love you! 
Mom. Dad. Meaghan. 
Jack. Joe and Rosie 

Dear Micky. 

Your infectious smile, cxjt- 
going personality, caring 
ways and dedication to 
your commitments will get 
you everywhere in life. 
Never change! We love 
you and are proud of you. 
Mom and Dad 


You are a brilliant star in our 
family with wit and 
enthusiasm that lifts us all 
everyday. You're headed for 
success, we are so proud of 

-Love. Mom. Dad. Cara. 
Bridget. Mike & Aoife 


A/e love the person that 
pu are and look forward to 
eeing the person that you 
vill become. You have so 
nuch potential and we 
;now that you will live up to 


^om. Dad. and Tori 

Dear Kc. 

You were then and will always be 
our 'baby " We are so proud of 
the sweet and caring person that 
you have become. You survived 
the craziness of the Lewis 
household so yOuVe prepared for 
anything. Go save the world! 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad. A/\att. Jim. Rachel and 


We are proud to have you 
in our family. Follow your 
dreams, believe in yourself 
and use your talents wisely 
in wherever you go and 
whatever you do and 
always know that you are 

Mom. Dad. Leyla and Nassim 

You are a wonderful 
son. Your future is 
unbounded and we look 
forward to seeing you 
enjOy your next 
accomplishments. We 
wish you jOy. happiness 
and fulfillment of all your 
desires. With Love. 
Mum and Dad 

Dear Mick. 

We are so proud pf all that 
you are. We pray that you 
will continue to possess the 
strength to always believe 
in yourself, as we do. Follow 
your dreams. You can 
achieve any goal! 

Dad. Mom. Mada. Micayla 
and Lexi 


We are so proud of you and 
all that you have 
accomplished. You are a 
terrific son and a great big 
brother, thank you for you 
kind-heartedness. Keep 
Love always. 
Mom. Dad and Patrick 

Congratulations! We wish 
you big dreams and all the 
world's happiness. You 
have our love and support 
always: keep up your great 
work and positive outlook! 
We are so proud of you! 
With love. 

Mom. Dad. Molly and Misty 

Sydney. Your | 
uniqueness, creativity, 
shine and spark continue 
to delight and amaze us. 
We wish you much | 
success and joy as you 

your passion and your 

Mom. Dad & David 

Dear Charlie. 

We have watched you grow 
from a happy, fun loving child 
into a mature, focused and 
responsible young man. Keep 
your dreams in sight, work 
hard and continue to enjoy life 
and you will stay on the path 
to success and happiness. We 
are so proud of you! 
Love Mom. Dad. and Will 

Dear Chris. 

You are truly one of God's 
greater gifts to us. We are 
beaming with pride with all 
your academic achievements 
and talent. Go out into the 
world and be brilliant!! 
Mom and Dad 
"It is never too late to be 
what you might have been." 
-George Elliot 

/Keep following your dreams 
because they do come true. 

1*^ , There is a whole world out 
^ i» there waiting for you! 


Congratulations ! We are so 
proud of both of you! 

Love. Mom & Dad 

Jayme Yen 

Zachary Zanengo 

Ahmed Ziad 

Andrew Cataldo 

"Here's to the Nights We Felt Alive 
Mere's to the Tears You Knew You'd Cry 

Mere's to Goodbye 
Tomorrow's Going to Come too Qoorf 
-Eve 6 


Most Artistic: 
Kdlcb Rogers and Eiysia Hiciner 


Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: 
Dennis Reilly and Asliley Donlan 

Most Likely to Never Be Single: 
Leah Kelly and Tim Breen 

Most Athletic: 
Paul Donovan and 
Kate MacDonald 

J « warn i -< ^ 1 ^ J ^ V ^ / / 

I • warn I 

Senior Candids 


7 ^^^^Dfi 

1 L^. 

Tobi Adebanjo 

Keegan Allahyarian 

Marie AntonelMs 

Football 1-2; Wresting 1-4; 
Spring Track 1 

"Life is too short to taf<e 
seriously. " 
-Jacl< Blacli 

Thank you to all! 

Golf 1-3; Basketball 1-4; 
Tennis 1-4 (Capt.) 

"Live Your Life. " - Rihianna 

I would like to thank my Mom, 
Dad, and Kay for everything 
they have done for me, I love 
you guys! Next, I would like to 
thank all of the teachers who 
have helped me 
become the student I am 
today. Also, I would 
like to thank all of the coaches 
who have helped me along the 
way. Best of luck to all of my 
friends. Congratulations to the 
graduating class of 2010! 


"Raise your glass high and let's 
throw out a toast to the road, where 
ever we go, we'll hold friends close 
and never let them go. " -HTL 

Wow, I can't believe it's finally the 
end of the road. I owe all my thanks 
to my family. Dad, thank you for all 
the wisdom and friendship. Mom, 
thank you for your love and 
encouragement. Thank you both foi 
always letting me be my own persoi 
Hopey, good luck in the years ahea 
of you, you're gonna need it! Be 
good for mom and dad, I love you s 
much sissy. Lisa, Crystal, Sarah, 
Alexa, nothing over the years have 
separated us, we took every step 
together, you all represent a part of 
me and I love all you girls to death. 
Good luck next year Wing-gal! To 
my garage boys, thanks for 7 years 
of memories and friendship, you 
boys are the greatest. Thanks to Mr 
Lacy for your insight and 
understanding, I'll forever take with 
me the knowledge you've given me 
Later days NHS, good luck class of 

Zachary Arena 


Football 1; Lacrosse 1,2,3; 
Robotics 3,4; 
Best Buddies 1,2,3 

Nothing can stop the man with 
76 right mental attitude from 
chieving his goal; nothing on 
arth can help the man with the 
'rang mental attitude. " 
Thomas Jefferson 

irst I would like to thank my 
imily for being there to help me 
irough all those years and 
uiding me down the right path I 
ould not change one minute of 
, Second I would like to thank 
le entire class of 2010, you guys 
ave helped me so much over 
le years and I thank each one of 
Du for being a good friend and I 
ish the best of luck to all of you. 
know that the class of 2010 will 
ave a big impact on the world's 
iture. I will miss you guys, and 
ill never forget you. 

Matthew Argiro 

" Do, or do not. There is no 'try'. " 

It has been a great four years at 
Norwell High School. I'd like to 
thank all my family, friends, and 
teachers for helping me get to 
this point in my life. I could not 
have done it without the help of 
every single one of them. 
Everyone has provided a 
different outlook or perspective 
on life that helped me through 
everything. To all my teammates 
on golf and robotics, it's been a 
great four years with many wins 
and great moments and I wish it 
would never end. To everyone in 
the class of 2010, good luck 
always wherever the future may 
take you. 

Nicholas Aroyan 

" When the going gets 
tough... the tough get going." 
- John Belushi, Animal House 

First and foremost, thanks to the Crew: 
Mike, Bradski, Justin, and SIVIurph. You 
guys are always keepin it real through 
thick and thin and I know we'll always be 
the best of buds. Another thanks to my 
older sister, Amanda, for helping me with 
my move to Norwell and taking me under 
her wing. I also want to thank my parents 
for helping me to make it to this point 
and providing me with everything I 
need... and my friend's parents for the 
several tons of food and soda we've 
consumed over the years. Lastly, I just 
want to make a promise to everyone that 
cares about me that I'll always keep my 
chin up, no matter what happens, and 
never will the day come when my 
determination to follow my dreams fade 
even the slightest bit. 

Peter Bailey 


XC 1-4 (Capt. 3,4); 
Winter Track 1-4 (Capt. 4); 
Spring Track 1-4 (Capt. 4) 

"Gravity release me, and don't ever 
hold me down. Now my feet won't 
touch the ground. " -Coldplay 

Thank you Mom and Dad for 
supporting me in everything I do. I 
definitely couldn't have gotten this 
far without you. Kato and Liz- 
Thanks for all your advice and for 
paving the way for me. Thank you to 
my teachers, especially Miss Criss, 
over the years for helping me every 
step of the way. To all my friends- 
Thanks for all the good times these 
past years. HI never forget you guys. 
Shannon- I'm so glad that you came 
here junior year. You're my best 
friend and I couldn't have made it 
through the year without you. Thank 
you Chuck for being a great coach 
for twelve seasons. To the XC 
FAMILY Past and Present- Each 
year's family has been extremely 
different, but you have all been a 
huge part of my life at NHS. Best of 
luck 2010! 

Evan Barger 

Johnny Thunder 

Cross Country 1 ; Indoor Track 1 ,2; 
Spring Track 1 ,2; Robotics 4 

"Fourscore and seven minutes 
ago, we, your forefathers, 
were brought forth upon a 
most excellent adventure 
conceived by our new friends, 
Bill and Ted. These two great 
gentlemen are dedicated to a 
proposition, which was true in 
my time, just as it's true today. 
Be excellent to each other. 
- Abe Lincoln (From "Bill & 
Ted's Excellent Adventure") 

Thanks to all who didn't annoy 
me throughout high school. 
You know who you are. What 
you accomplished is no easy 
feat! Good job! 

Patrick Barrett | 

Pat, Pbear, Pbarrett, Pbizzle, 
Patrice, Bergeron, 
Basketball1-4; Baseball1-4; 

Football 1 ,2,4; Golf 3; j 
National Honor Society 3-4; 
Best Buddies 1-4; Math Team 1-4 

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not 
wasted. " - John Lennon 
Spanish: "A big day? Doing what?" 
Franl<: "Well, urn, actually a pretty nice 
little Saturday, we're going to go to 
Home Depot. Yeah, buy some 
wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, 
stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & 
Beyond, I don'tknovj, I don't know if 
we'll have time." -Old School 

The last four years at Norwell High \ 
School have been some of the best. I'd 
like to thank all who have made my time 
here so great. Here it goes; first, thank 
you Mom and Dad for always being 
there for me and giving me advice when 
I needed it. You are both the reason for 
my success. Bill thanks for being such 
an awesome brother and friend, and 
especially for all the good times over th( 
years. Thank you to all my teachers anoi 
coaches who have taught me so many 
life lessons. Lastly, to all my friends, 
thank you for all the good times we havt- 
had and are sure to have in the future. 
Good luck Class of 2010. I 

Alexis Bates 

Master, Jello, McFlurry, 
Ping Pow Chicken 

Cross Country 1-2; 
Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; 
Equality 1-4 

irst, I want to thank my family, 
/lom and Dad, tliank you for 
upporting me, and supplying me 
;ith tine buidling blocks for my 
jture. Garrett, thank you for all 
if your brotherly gestures and 
idvice about life. I know I can 
ilways look to you for guidance, 
"o the Mediums, you will always 
)e my best friends. You kept my 
9et on the ground and I don't 
.now what I would do without 
•Qu. Leah, we've had so many 
nemories together. I love you, 
md you will always be my best 
fiend. Forrest, thank you for 
jverything, I love you. Lastly I 
vant to thank all of my teachers 
ind coaches, Mr. DiTomaso and 
yir. Marani especially. Good luck 
:iass of 2010! 

Paul Bohan 

Bobo, Bo, Bo-money, Boh-Flex, 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4 

"Admit his style isn't as bold and 
daring as it used to be. " 
-Tommy Dwyer 

I would first like to thank my parents 
for helping me through high school 
and all the problems I have faced. I 
would also like to thank my Barstow 
Boys for everything. There have 
been so many good times over the 
years. I would also like to thank all 
my other friends that have helped 
me over the years, especially Curt, 
Chaz, Liz, Phil and Jill. Last but not 
least, I would like to thank Caroline 
for always being there for me, I will 
never forget you. 

Trevor Brake 

Trev, Travis 

Winter Track 1-4; Spring Track 

Thank you to all my friends, 
teachers, and family that have 
been good to me in my time in 

Timothy Breen 


Basketball 1; Football 1-4 (Capt. 4); 

Lacrosse 1-4; Best Buddies 1-4; 
Bowling Club 4; Invisible Children 4; 

Crystal Brooks 

Environmental Club 1 ; 
Amnesty Intemational 1,2 

Thanks to my family for their love 
and support. Thanks to my friends 
for countless laughs. Thanks 
Caroline for being a friend always. 
Thank you to the Scott family, 
DeMarco family, and the Delory 
family for my homes away from 
home. Thank you Lexi for love and 
support, always letting me have the 
clicker, and allowing me to go 
anywhere near photobooth. Thank 
you to everyone else along the way 
and best of luck! 

"I hated every minute of 
training, but I said, 'Don't quit. 
Suffer now and live tlie rest of 
your life as a cfiampion. "' 
-Muhammad All 

"Our deepest fear is not ttiat we are 
inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are 
powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not 
our darkness, that most frightens us. We asl 
ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous 
talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are yo^ 
not to be?" i 
- Marianne Williamson 

I can't believe it's our turn to do this! The las' 
4 years have gone by so fast, I don't even 
know where to start with thank you's. I want 
start with my mom for being there for me 
through all the craziness thats gone on in the 
past few years. You have been my greatest 
supporter and I'm so glad you have been 
there to support me Mumsy! Thanks to my 
dad and sister, you have inspired me so muc 
and I wouldn't be the same person I am toda 
without you guys! I love you all. To my girls, 
Marie, Lisa, Sarah, Sydney, Kaleigh, and 
Marina, I honestly have no idea what I would 
have done without you guys over the years. 
You're all amazing and I wish you all the bes' 
of luck in the coming years. Alexa, have fun i 
your senior year! I'm gunna miss you. Finally 
I'll thank all my teachers for helping me to stc 
on track. Good luck Class of 2010! Dave 
Peters.'re forever in our hearts and 
memories. We all miss you very much. 
Goodluck Class of 2010! 

Thank you for giving me the 
chance to have this wonderful 
experience! Thanks to 
everybody who welcomed me 
at your school! I know I will 
have a great year here in 
Norwell and I will enjoy every 
minute!! Also a lot of thanks to 
my host-family, the Knasas, I 
will never forget what you 
have done for me! Thank you 
so much!! I love you! 
Mi place! 

Jacob Campbell 

Shiandra Cardosa 

Joseph Carroll 

Hockey 1-4; Soccer 1-4 

As I graduate from 
Norwell High School I 
would like to thank all my 
teachers that have helped 
me through my high 
school career. Also I 
would like to thank my 
parents and sister who 
have always supported 
me and helped me make 
it through high school. 
Also I would like to thank 
my friends who are 
always there for me. 
Congrats Class of 2010! 

"Every story has an end. But in life, 
every end is just a new beginning" 

"Never live life with any regrets, 
because at one time, it was exactly 
what you wanted" -Anonymous 

First I would like to thank my parents 
for all the help and support that 
made me who I am today. Also, for 
pushing me to do my best. I couldn't 
have made it without you guys. I love 
you! I also want to thank my friends 
for the memories that made my high 
school years so much more fun and 
worth while. (Especially Alexa, 
Amanda, and Oscar) I definitely 
wouldn't have made it through 
without you. I'm going to miss my 
second physics class :(. And lastly, 
thanks to my teachers who have 
dedicated their time to help me 
through all my hard work. Good luck 
in the future and Congrats to class of 

Hockey 1-4; Golf 1-2; 
Lacrosse 1; Best Buddies 1-^ 

"Heroes get remembered but 
legends never die" -The Sandlot' 

I would like to start off by 
thanking my mom, dad, my 
grandmother, my brother, and alii 
my cousins, aunts and uncles fon: 
all of your support and guidance i| 
throughout my life. Also I would 1 
like to thank my cousin Sean for i 
all your advice and being a goodj 
role model for me to follow and 
helping me get through high 
school. I also want to thank all oU 
my teachers who I have had 
throughout high school. Last but . 
not least I'd like to thank all of myj 
friends who have made the past ■ 
4 years fun and exciting. Best of 
luck to you guys and good luck 
class of 2010. i 

Sarah Casey 


Cheerleading 3; 
Dance Team 3-4 

You can't improve on perfection. " 
-The Crew 

' lil<e to see you move witli the 
lythm; I lil<e to see when yoUre 
'ancing from within. " 
-Bob l\/larley 

all my guys in the crew, thank 
ou for making me happy and for 
II the amazing times. I loved 
very moment together, and I love 
II of you.To my ladies, you are all 
pectacular, we never have a dull 
me. Thank you for always being 
^ere for me; I love you girls. Ben, 
e good, have fun and good luck, 
'ou're the best little brother! Mom 
nd Dad, I owe you so much, you 
'Ut up with everything I do. You 
lelieve in me and inspire me to 
lo what makes me happy. I love 
ou so much. Thanks for 
■veryone for making the past four 
ears unforgettable; I wouldn't 
hange a minute. 

Andrew Cataldo 

Thank you. 



Patrick Collins 

Pat, Paco, Collins, Pollins, 
Sprawl ins, Big-Daddy Sprawlins, BD 
Sprawl, Pattycakes, William Wallace 

Soccer 1 -4; Lacrosse 1 -4; 
Wrestling 1 ; Indoor Track 2-4 

"You can cry. Ain't no shame in it!" - 
B ig Willy 

"NO CAM! NO!"-me 

"It's the freakin weekend baby I'm 
about to have me some fun. "-R.Kelly 

"senior dudes" -senior dudes 

I'd like to thank my family for always 
being there for me as well as long 
time friends, Ted and Chris. Thanks 
to Senior Dudes, soccer, lax, winter 
track crew (special thanks to 
Mr.Lantier), and everyone else that 
doesn't fit Into these categories. 

Bradford Cunio 

Wrestling 1-4 

". ..because I am a piece of 
•halk, trying to make my mark 
in the blackboard of our 
ves." -Dave Mc Wayne. 

never thought 4 years would 
!0 by so fast! Great memories 
yere made with countless 
lights I will never forget. 
Jarno, Nick, Chase, Tavima, 
/lurph, and Mike, there isn't a 
rew like us anywhere. 


Amanda Curley 

Softball 1-2; Cheerleading 2-4; 
Chorus 1-4; Navigator 4 

"Remind us that we always have 
each other when everything else is 
gone." -Incubus 

I can't believe that I have graduated. 
These past four years have been so 
memorable. I want to start off first by 
thanking my parents for making me 
the person I am today and for 
supporting me through everything. I 
love you with all my heart. Connor, 
even though we fight a lot you're an 
amazing little brother. Be good and 
enjoy high school. It goes by really 
fast! Also I would like to thank all my 
teachers for never giving up on me 
and for their guidance and help, I 
couldn't have done it without you. 
And last but certainly not least I 
would like to thank my friends for 
keeping me laughing and for always 
being there. Congrats Class of 2010! 
We did it! 

Derek Cyr 

D, Psycho D 

Cross Country 2-4(capt.); 
Lacrosse 1-4; Winter Track 2; 
Peer Ed 3-4; Latin Club 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 

7 don't believe in Beatles.! just 
believe in me. " -John Lennon 

"How better it is to suffer whatever 
will be. " -Horace 

I want to thank first, foremost my family. Mom 
and Pops, I can't thank you enough for being 
who you are and supporting me through these 
four years. You've made me into the person I 
am today and gotten me through some of the 
hardest things I've ever had to do. I can't 
thank you enough for it. To Ryan, high school 
goes by faster than you could possibly 
imagine; just know that the best years of your 
life are up ahead. Thanks for sticking by me, 
bro. To all my friends, I want to thank you for 
every moment, laugh, and memory we've had 
together. In a few years from now, I don't 
know where I'll be, what I'll be doing, or who 
I'll be, but I'm certain that I'll always have a 
home and always have people here to remind 
me how life's supposed to be lived. 


Laura Dargon 

Chloe Davies 

Lacrosse 1-2; Winter Track 1-2; 
Invisible Children 2-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4; NHS 3-4; 
Decibelles 2-4 

'We all have our time machines. 
Some take us back, they're called 
memories. Some take us forward, 
they're called dreams. " 
-Jeremy Irons 

First off, I would like to thank my 
family for always being there. Mom, 
there aren't words to describe how 
amazing you really are. I love you so 
much! Dad and Kev, you're both 
crazy; thanks for always being by my 
side. Morgan, you're basically my 
sister and I love you even when 
you're really awkward. Decibelles, 
thanks for the deep talks, 
sleepovers, and obviously the dip. 
To all of my friends, thanks for all the 
fun times, you've all made high 
school worth while. And to the rest of 
the Class of 2010, good luck and live 
it up! 

Dragon, Lobster, Dargon, 
Lowlyworm, Ldizzle, Dargs, Drags 
Soccer 1 -4; Track 1 ; 
Best Buddies 3-4; 
Chess Club 3-4 

"You got a dream, you gotta protect 
it. People can't do something 
themselves, they wanna tell you that 
you can't do it. You want something? 
Go get it. Period. " 

-The Pursuit of Happy ness 

Sarah thanks for being such a good big sis. 
You're the best--so proud of you. Jack it might 
not show, but I'm really proud to have you as 
my brother, keep up the good work. Joe 
thanks for being the funniest person I've ever 
met. Boo thanks for being the best III sis I 
could ever ask for. Mom and Dad thanks for 
putting up with me and for making me into the 
person I am today. I love you all to the moon 
and back. To all my friends, you know who 
you are, I love you all. Thanks to the Coggins 
fam for home number 2, love you guys. Chloe 
I could write a book on all the fun we've had, 
love you so much. Hugh you've become like a 
brother thanks for being you, love you dude. 
To all my juniors, underclassmen, and the 
class of '10 its been a blast, good luck! 

Art Club 3-4; Book Club 3-4; Navigator 3-4; 
Halyard 3-4; Environment Club 3; GSA 1; 
Invisible Children 2; French Exchange 3; 
Drama 4; Amnesty International 4 

"But I don't want to go among mad 
people, ' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help 
that, ' said the cat. 'We're all mad here. " 
-Lewis Carroll 

"I may not have gone where I intended k 
go, but I think I have ended up where I 
needed to be. " -Douglas Adams 

I'd like to say thank you to my family, for 
everything. Mum and Dad, thanks for the 
fun in supporting our bead habit, and for 
help with college. You are Pretty Funky. 
Conor, thanks for coming to craft shows 
and college visits. You are awesome. 
Henry, you can't read yet, but you are 
the cutest, happiest, little baby. Thanks 
for making life a lot more interesting. 
To all of my friends, close and far, 
thanks for all of the fun and weird things 
we have done. And will do. You know 
who you are. Thanks to all of my 
teachers, for all of that smart stuff you 
put into my head and all of that artsy 
stuff you helped me to find. I hope that 
everyone at college is as awesome as 
everyone is here!! 

Emily Davies 

Emma, Em, Emma Jean, Edaves, 
Edizzle, Angelina Jolie 

Tennis 1-4; Basketball 1,2; 

Student Government 1 ,2; 
Invisible Children 3,4; Yearbook 4 

irst off I would like to thank my family, 
lom and Dad, I admire both of you as 
arents and I know it has been hard but I 
m so grateful for all that you've done for 
le. Jess, I'm so glad that you're happy 
I Tampa even though I miss having you 
round. Love you, say it back! My little 
Dge man, you're the greatest little 
rother and I wish you the best, keep 
'orking hard in school! I'll always be 
ere for you even after I leave, so never 
?el alone. Nana, thanks for being a 
econd mother to me and always being 
ly number one fan. You're the best 
randmother anyone could ask for and I 
3ally appreciate all you do for our 
imily. Thanks to all my friends for the 
ood times, I would go crazy without 
eing able to joke around and have fun 
nth you guys. And thanks to all my 
5achers at NHS for providing me with 
ie skills I need to move onto the next 
hase of life. Good luck Class of '10! 

I've met a lot of people over the 
years but I still seem to have the 
same friends. That's the one thing 
that never changed, no matter what 
we went through, it was me and my 
crew. I've been happy and I've been 
sad, just like everyone else. 
Someone once told me we should 
stop trying to figure out where we're 
going and just enjoy where we are. 
You know who you are, thank you 
so much. To my mom and dad, 
thanks for not making me pay rent. 
To my teachers I'd like to say thank 
you. All those times I spent in the 
office I got to know one of the 
coolest people, Mr. Keegan. You 
helped me become who I am. And 
of course a special thank you to my 
second family, Luke, Dillon, Colin, 
Anthony and the rest of the crew I 
love you guys and thank you for 
never turning your backs on me. 

Football 1-4 (Capt); Basketball 1-2; 
Winter Track 3-4; Baseball 1-4; NHS 3-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4; Young Democrats 3-4; 
Navigator 2 

"We're going inside of 'em, we're going outside of 
'em - inside of 'emioutside of 'em! - and wlien we 
get ttiem on the run once, we're going to l<eep 'em 
on the run. And we're not going to pass unless their 
secondary comes up too close. But don't forget, men 
- we're gonna get 'em on the run, we're gonna go, 
go, go. go! - and we aren't going to stop until we go 
over that goal line! And don't forget, men - today is 
the day we're gonna win. They can't lick us - and 
that's how it goes ... The first platoon men - go in 
there and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! What do you 
say, men?" 
■Knute Rockne 

First I would like to thank my parents. You've 
helped a lot in every way possible. You've 
pushed and guided me into the right direction 
and I thank you for that. I would also like to 
thank all my teachers from pre-school to high 
school, you've made me a better student and 
a better person and for that. I can't thank you 
enough. Allie and Sarah thanks for always 
being there. You guys are special and you'll 
do just fine. Good luck and have fun without 
me. To all of my friends, the ones I've known 
since I was five till the ones I've met this year, 
thanks for everything you've done. All of you 
have made these past years some of the best 
of yours and my life. Good luck to everybody! 

Christopher DeLugan 

Haley DeMarco 

Anthony DeMatteo 



Soccer 1-4; Ski Team 1-4; Spring Track 1-4; 

Decibelles 1-4; Best Buddies 1-4; 
Invisible Children 3-4; Enviromental Club 4 

""Look again at that dot. That's here. That's 
home. That's us. On it everyone you love, 
everyone you know, everyone you ever heard 
of, every human being who ever was, lived 
out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and 
suffering, thousands of confident religions, 
ideologies, and economic doctrines, every 
hunter and forager, every hero and coward, 
every creator and destroyer of civilization, 
every king and peasant, every young couple 
in love, every mother and father, hopeful 
child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of 
morals, every corrupt politician, every 
'superstar, ' every 'supreme leader, ' every 
saint and sinner in the history of our species 
lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a 
sunbeam. " -Carl Sagan 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for all 
the love and support they've given me over 
the years. I owe every bit of my success to 
their hard work and no words can express 
how grateful I am. Also, thanks to all my 
teachers and friends who helped get me 
through. High school is over, but life is only 
just beginning. 

"Every beginning comes from some 
other beginning's end. "Semisonic 

Thanks to my parents-You guys care 
so much about me succeeding and 
have always seen my full potential. 
Thanks for always giving me a big 
push in the right direction. You have 
never given up on me. Tessa, thanks 
for being such a great sister. You've 
always been able to put a smile on 
my face. Good luck with the rest of 
high school and have fun. Dani and 
Lexi-you guys are like sisters to me. 
It's weird knowing you're not always 
going to be two houses down the 
street anymore. It's been great 
knowing that I always have you guys 
to lean on. Thanks to all my friends 
for all the good times these past four 
years. I'm going to miss everyone 
next year, but I know we'll be able to 
stay in touch. Congrats guys, we 
made it! 

"You do your thing and I do mine. 
You are you and I am I. And if in the 
end we end up together, it's 
beautiful. " -Me 

"Now is the time for me to rise to my 
feet. Wipe your spit from my face. 
Wipe these tears from my eyes. " 

I can't believe we finally did it. After 
everything we've been through, we 
made it. Love for everyone in the 
crew. I wanna thank my family and 
friends, I don't know if I would have 
made it without you. Thank you 
Herm for always being my friend 
haha. Rest In Peace RBK, BC, 


Katie Dempsey 

Kdemps, KTD 

XC 2-3; Winter Track 1-2; 
Spring Track 2-3; Art Club; 
Enviroment Club 


Stephen Dickey 


Football 1-3 

Ashley Donlan 

Ash, Ashbashpotatohash, Dunah 

Soccer1-4: Spring Track 1-4; Basketball 1-2; 
Swimming 3; Best Buddies 1-4; Dance Team 1-4; 
NHS 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; Student Government 1-4 

'laybe it's good to put things in 
?rspective, but sometimes, I think that 
e only perspective is to really be there, 
ecause It's okay to feel things. And be 
ho you are about them. " 
- Perks of Being A Wallflower. 

rst I have to thank my Mom. No 
nount of words or thank you's could be 
lough to let you know how much 
)u've meant to me through all these 
jars. You've always been there for me 

make sure I'm okay. You've supported 
e with every new dream and comforted 
e with every failure. To my whole 
mily you all mean so much to me, I 
ve you all. Jack- thanks for being the 
3st brother ever- high school will be 
eat! Finally to my fhends- Julia, Erin, 
ly, Morgan, Nicky, Blair and John, you 
jys mean the world to me. I couldn't 
ave made better friends over the past 4 
3ars. I will always remember what you 
lean to me and how happy you all have 
lade me. Class of 2010, I wish you all 
IB best of luck with what the world has 
1 offer. 

"What the barnacle?!" 

To my family thank you for 
everything; especially you, 
mom and dad. Thank you for 
Major League Baseball and 
for making good hats. 

"Life is nothing without friendship. " 
-Marcus Tuilius Cicero 

"Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way 
you wish, but you can spend it only once. " 
-Lillian Dickson 

Thank you to everyone who made my high 
school experience something I'll never forget. 
Mom and Dad - Your unconditional love and 
support has gotten me through these past 4 
years, I couldn't have asked for better 
parents! Shane- Thanks for always making 
me laugh and never bored around the house, 
good luck next year! Patrick and Rachel- You 
always know how to make a boring family 
party fun, love you guys! Thanks to all my 
friends who have made these past four years 
amazing. All the laughs, tears, endless nights, 
and crazy nights, and crazy times we've 
shared has made high school unforgettable. 
Ms. Criss- Not only were you a great teacher 
but you were also my coach and friend, I'm so 
thankful to have gotten so close with you. 
Good luck and Congratulations Class of 2010! 

Shane Donlan 

Shane-Saw, Shaneless Steal, Shay 

XC 1-2; Hockey 1; Spring Track 1-4; 
Golf 3-4; Ski Team 3-4; 
Winter Track 2 

Adam Donoghue 

Football 1; Spring Track 1-4; 
Winter Track 1-2; Best Buddies (VP) 3-4; 
Young Democrats 3-4; 
Environoment Club 3-4; Invisible Children 3-4 

Paul Donovan 

Donovan. Dunny, Donny. Dunbars of soap, Dondon^ 
Donosaurus van. The Don, Laxbro, PDLax. Girth. ( 
Garth. Garth Brookes. Paulwog. the mini Dude. 
D-man. Pooh, Popaloops. Paul 

Football 1,2,4; Lacrosse 1-4; 
Basketball 1-4; Robotics 3,4 

"In this great future, you can't forget 
your past. " - Bob Marley 

"Rule #76: no excuses, play like a 
champion!" -Vince Vaughn 

I'd like to thank my parents for 
always supporting me throughout the 
past 4 years at NHS. You two have 
always been there for me and I 
couldn't thank you enough for that. 
Ashley and Patrick, thanks for being 
the best siblings I could ask for. You 
guys have always been there to 
make me laugh and we always have 
fun together. To all my friends, 
thanks for all the good times we've 
shared and hopefully the road 
doesn't have to end here. Lastly, 
thank you to all of my teachers and 
coaches who have helped me 
throughout high school. Good luck 
class of '10. Keep it real. 

"Have you ever thought there's more 
to life than being really, 
really. . . really. . . ridiculously good- 
looking?" -Zoolander 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners, 
than cry with saints. " -Billy Joel 

To my teachers and coaches, thank 
you. You have taught me more than 
what is in the books. Thank you to all 
of my friends. We always find a way 
to have fun no matter how simple or 
stupid it is. I couldn't ask for a better 
group. Brian and Kileigh, thank you 
for being my biggest role models. 
Mom and Dad, I can never repay 
you for all the love and support you 
have given me. Congratulations and 
good luck to the Class of 201 0, 
thanks for the memories. 

"The future is no place to place you 
better days. " -DMB 


I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad fc' 
always doing everything they 
possibly could to help me and push 
me to succeed. I would like to thank 
Andrea for being a loving and carinc 
sister and Pete for being one of my 
best friends and great mentor. 
Without their love I don't know wher 
I'd be today. Thanks to all my friend 
for all the great times and many 
nicknames, especially Dan, Pat, anc 
Clay. To all the teachers that have 
helped me become a better athlete 
and person. Lastly, I would like to 
thank Kara. You have been one of 
my best friends and I care so much 
about you. I know that you will do 
great things. I love you. Good luck tt 
the class of 2010. 

Kathleen Doyle 

Colin Duffney 

Kathryn Duggan 

Beanie, Kleen 

Basketball 1-4; Soccer 2-3; 
Lacrosse 1-2; Tennis 3-4; 
earbook 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; NHS 3-4 

hanks Mom and Dad for always Thank You. 

eing there for me. You've done so 
luch for me and I appreciate 
verything. I love you both. Al and 
.teve- 1 could not ask for better 
rothers. You have both influenced 
ie in different ways and I know I 
an always count on you. Thank you 
Dr guiding me in the right direction 
nd setting high standards to follow. 
all my teachers and coaches, 
lanks for your support and wisdom, 
hanks to all my friends. We've had 
great four years and high school 
/ould not have been the same 
yithout you guys. I will never forget 
ie memories we have made 
Dgether. Good luck to the classes of 
II, '12, and '13. Congratulations 
lass of 2010! Best of luck next year! 

Kduggs, Kath, DOOOGAN, 
Han Solo 

Swim Team 2-4, 
Robotics 2-4,Yearbook 3-4 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are 
inadequate. Our deepest fear is ttiat we are 
powerful beyond measure. It is our ligtit not 
our darkness ttiat most friglitens us. Your 
playing samll does not serve the world. There 
is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that 
other people won't feel insecure around you. 
We are all meant to shine as children do. It's 
not just in some of us it is in everyone and as 
we let our own lights shine we unconsciously 
give other people permission to do the same. 
As we are liberated from our own fear own 
fear our presence automatically liberates 
others. " -Marianne Williamson 

I want to start by thanking my parents. Thank 
you so much for motivating me and pushing 
me to my fullest potential, 1 love you both so 
much. Elizabeth, I love you and you're the 
best older sister I could ask for. Jenben and 
Evbev, you guys are practically family, thanks 
so much for everything and Ev enjoy senior 
year. Katie, I'm going to miss you so much. 
Thank you for everything these past 17 years. 
I know we will stay friends no matter what. 
Cory, thanks for always being there and 
making me laugh, love ya. Britty you've 
become one of my best friends thanks so 
much for everything especially the food runs. 
PL and all my other friends, thanks for making 
these last four years so much fun. Squadron 
09.. .so successful. Congrats to Seniors 2010! 

Elizabeth Dwyer 

Liz, Dilly, Lizzy 

Field Hockey 1-4(capt.); Peer Ed (3-4); 
Student Government 2-4; 
Invisible Children 3-4; Yearbook 4 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything 
over these past eighteen years. Dad- 
thanks for coaching me and keeping me 
in line. Mom-thanks for being my best 
friend along the way. I am so thankful for 
you and everything you have done for 
me. Meg-thanks for letting me steal your 
clothes and for being such a good sister. 
Good luck with the next two years and 
have fun, it goes by so fast. Jack and 
Joe-thanks for always entertaining me 
and making me laugh. .love you guys! To 
all my friends-thanks for the years full of 
memories, laughs and good times. I am 
thankful for all of your friendship. Schad- 
thanks for being my mom away from 
home these past years. I am going to be 
so lost without you next year! Thanks for 
everything. Stephen-thanks for always 
knowing how to put a smile on my face, 
there's never a dull moment with you! I;m 
going to miss you a ton next year. Class 
of 2010-it's been quite a ride! Have fun 
and good luck! 

Thomas Dwyer 

Tommy, tdwy, earttitones 

Lacrosse 1-4 (Capt.); Basketball 1-4; 
Young Democrats 3-4; 
Environmental Club 3-4 

"They've done studies you know, 
sixty percent of tlie time, it works 
every time. " -Brian Fantana 

Class of 2010 it has been swell. I 
want to thank all of my teachers who 
helped me over the past four years. 
Mom thanks for everything, you cook 
really good food. Thanks Dad for 
always supporting me in whatever I 
did. Mike, Meg, Molly I couldn't ask 
for better older siblings, I love you 
guys. Thanks Mike Steele for just 
being Mike Steele. My friends, 
thanks for all the good times over the 
past twelve years. Bohan my recess 
soccer team was better than yours in 
second and third grade. Liz thanks 
for being a second mom. Kate and 
Kara K-12. Class of 2010 if you get 
the chance to sit it out or dance I 
hope you all dance. Have Fun 

Michael Fanning 

Mike, Mikey, FanMail, Fanning, 

Clams, Mig 
Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1-4 

First off thank God it's done. Mom I'd be 
no where in life with out you; I put you 
through so much and I cant even begin 
to thank you for all that you've done for 
me. You are truly an angel. I love you. 
Dad you gave me everything. I 
appreciate everything you told me, every 
bit of advice goes to heart. You're the 
best. Kara you're the best sister, you 
know I love you. My friends for being 
there every time I needed to talk. The 
Crew for all the good times we have had 
and will have. Ryan, Anthony, Luke, 
Alex, Kaleb, Robbie, and Sarah, you 
guys are true friends. ALL the Lax Bros. 
Becca, I'll never forget all that you've 
done for me, you will always be in my 
heart. Thank you. Then we have Ms. 
Field, I don't think I'd be going to college 
if not for your guidance. Thank you for 
everything. Anyone I didn't put in you, 
know who you are. Thank you for 

Clay Ferguson 

Claymation, Fergalicious, 
Turd Ferguson 

Football 1-2; 
Hockey 1-4 (capt.); 
Tennis 1-4; JSA 4 

lay Ferguson is the greatest 
man being to ever wall< tliis Earth. 
? truly is Gods gift to Norwell High 
■hool" -Anonymous 

loo Woo Woo Kenny Wu!" 
-Mighty Ducks 

3 had a great time at Norwell High 
hool and would like to thank my 
nily for helping me through these 
St four years. Mom, Dad, Graham, 
3x and Anna, you guys have been 
3at and I really appreciate all that 
u've done for me. Thank you to all 
; teachers at NHS for helping me 
ly focused and out of trouble. And 
)stly my friends for making school 
joyable. Senior Dudes, it's been 
1 Good luck everyone and 
nember to buckle up. 

Shannon Ferguson 


Cross Country 3-4; 
Winter Track 3-4; 
Spring Track 3-4 

7 feel my time, my time tias come. Let me in, 
unlock the door. I've never felt this way 
before. The wheels are turning, the drummer 
begins to drum, I don't know which way I'm 
going, I don't know which way I've come. " 
-Till Kingdom Comes, Coldplay 

To my parents: Thanks for putting up 
with everything, the late nights, the 
stress, for being my tutors, and always 
cheering me on in everything. Ash and 
Gail I wouldn't have survived without you 
guys. ..thanks for all the advice you've 
given me throughout my life and listening 
to me when I complain on the phone. 
Thanks to all of my friends for making 
these last two years here amazing. 
Scavenger hunts, hide and seek, and 
backyard football. Thanks to both XC 
groups. You guys made running fun, 
which is nearly impossible. Volleyball, 
Starbucks, and the jetty!! Pete I can't 
imagine the past two years without you. I 
consider you my brother and I know we'll 
be friends for the rest of our lives. 

Dillon Fitzgerald 


"It was never truly about who was 
the hardest, rather instead who was 
real. At times we were disillusioned, 
but I can now say that we are grown, 
and we have learned that in order for 
us to become accepted, we must 
accept others. We never meant for it 
to be what it was, but what it's now 
become is a mutual respect. No 
regrets. No apologies" -Me 

Wow, the end is here. To Mr. 
Keegan: thanks for understanding 
me and helping me become a better 
person. I need to thank my family for 
the support through the rough times, 
especially my grandparents who 
brought me to this town and raised 
me to be a good man. And to my 
brothers. The Crew, I don't know 
what to say. You guys are my 2nd 
Fam and you all had the biggest 
impact on my life. I will never forget 
the times we've had and the future 
we will have. Never divided, always 
united: The crew will forever live on 
through these friendships. Thanks 
for the memories everyone. R.I.P 
Stephen, RBK, BC, and Jr. Peace! 

Kelly Fleming Erin Foley 

Kel, KFIem, Flemdog, Limbs, 
FlemingLeming, Kelly Slutsky 

JSA 1-4; Mock Trial 1, 3, 4; 
Basketball 1 , 2; 
Environmental Club 3, 4; 
Young Democrats 1-4; 
Invisible Children 3 

"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not 
together.. .there is something you must alway!" 
remember. You are braver than you believe, 
stronger than you seem, and smarter than 
you think. But the most important thing is, 
even if we're apart. ..I'll always be with you." 
-Winnie the Pooh 

First I want to thank my family for 
supporting me for the last 18 
years. Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Emily for always being there for 
me. I would also like to thank my 
friends Ryan, Jake, Joe, Andrew, 
and Mike. My high school 
experience was great and I would 
like to thank Ms. Rheault for all 
her help during the four years I 
was here. Thank you Ms. 
Cortright for being the best math 
teacher in school. Finally, I would 
like to thank Coach Casagrande, 
Coach Doyle, Coach Hurley, and 
OF 2010!! 

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will 
mind it. " -Henry David Ttioreau 

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow 
yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's 
definition of your life; define yourself " 
-Harvey Fierstein 

I would like to thank everyone who helped 
make my four years at Norwell amazing. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me 
and helping me achieve every goal I set for 
myself in high school. Pat thanks for being a 
wicked obnoxious brother because without you 
I would never have pushed myself as hard as I 
did. Although I am insanely jealous of you, if I 
am just half as successful as you are I wil be 
extremely happy. To my friends I really don't 
know how I could have survived without you. 
Thank you for putting up with my insanity and 
my stupid ideas. I will always remember our 
dance parties, "study groups" and laughing 
until my stomach hurts and then laughing 
some more. To my teachers, thank you for 
your guidance over the past four years. The 
past four years have been crazy, fun, and 
dramatic but I loved every minute of it. 

Thank you to all of you who have helped me 
through my high school years. Thank you 
Mom and Dad for all that you have been 
through with me. I know I wasn't the best or 
the easiest at times but you two never left my 
side for a minute! That means so much to me 
I love you both so much!! Thank you Allie for 
being my older sister and always being there 
for me when I needed someone to talk to no 
matter what time of the day. Thank you Gayle 
for being my little sister and being the one to 
make me (and my friends) laugh so hard in 
the hallways and at home! It's been real kid. 
Thank you T.J. for being my little brother and 
always being there and good luck at B.C. 
High! I am so proud of you! Thank you Jane 
and Hannah for being my best friends since 
elementary school! You two are my best 
friends and I love you for that! And to Ms. 
Boyer. You helped me through a lot of stuff 
through these past four years and I just want 
to let you know that your advice has helped 
me in so many ways! And to all my fnends 
who I have not mentioned.. Thank you all for 
being there for me and you guys will always 
be a part of my life! 

Baby J 

Be who you are and say what you feel 
because those who mind don't matter 
^nd those who matter don't mind. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

lorn and Dad thank you for always 
eing there to help me through 
verything, you both are so important to 
ie. And my whole family for supporting 
ie in all my decisions. Without all of you 
wouldn't be the person I am today, 
leir, I want to thank you especially 
ecause you are the person who really 
elped me find my true person, thanks 
3r always helping me. Thank you to all 
ly friends who have been there to help 
le through everything, love you all! Mr. 
irowne, I don't know what I would do 
/ithout your advice, you are, and always 
/ill be, my favorite teacher and coach. 
;onnell, thank you for always being 
lere when I need someone to talk to. 
hank you to everyone for standing by 

Brittany Garrity 

Curly Freak, Britt, Bert, Brittany, 
Booboo Kitty 

Life's tougfi, get a tielmet. " -Boy Meets World 

"I'll never rely on common knowledge. Or 
common denominators. Or even common 
sense, for that matter " -Josh Kilmer-Purcell 

Writing this is abnormally difficult. Most 
importantly. Mom & Dad- thank you for 
supporting all my dreams and for having more 
faith in me than humanly possible. Kendra 
and Brian, you have all the time in the world, 
so enjoy it! As for my friends, I can't possibly 
say all I have to in this little space. Cory- 1 
couldn't ask for a better friend. Dennis- 1 don't 
even know what to say except thanks for 
always brightening my days. Kath- Thanks for 
all the food runs and for always listening! 
Reb/Mike/Charlie, you've never failed to make 
me laugh or eat my pizza. Squadron '09- "I've 
got a feelin'". To all the PL's and all my other 
friends- nothing would have been the same 
without you, I love you all. Stay brilliant and 
remember: "You are braver than you believe, 
stronger than you seem, and smarter than 
you think" -Winnie the Pooh. 

Peace out NHS and good luck to everyone! 

Christopher Geany 

Gean Train, nnnngeeeeaaany, 
Dan Burke, Geanstopher 
Cross Country 1-4; 
Ski Team 1-4(C); 
Spring Track 1-4; Band 1-4 

Gabriella: "Well, hold on a sec. Did 

you really throw that vanilla shake in 

Val's face?" 

Brink: "Chocolate" 

Peter: "How did it feel?" 

Brink: "It was cool and it was 



Congratulations class of 2010! Good 
luck to you, as well as all the rest of 
Norwell High School. This has been a 
wonderful environment to learn, as well 
as grow up in. Thank you so much to all 
the faculty that ever had to put up with 
me in class, for preparing me for 
whatever future lies ahead. Thank you 
as well to the students, who made my 
entire life what it is now. Without the 
great break from work that my friends 
are, I never could have made it, thank 
you all. And most importantly thank you 
to my parents for making me do all the 
things along the way that I didn't want to 
do. You were right, it was all in my best 
interest. Senior dudz, it's been fun. 

Hope Goslin 

Hopey G 

Track 1; Latin Club 1-2; Band 1-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4; NHS 3-4 

"When you get the choice to sit it out 
or dance. . . I hope you dance" 
~ Lee Ann Womack 

Mom, Dad, Katie, and Anna, thank 
you for everything you have done for 
me- you're truly the best! The house 
is always filled with laughs and love. 
Aunt Carole, David, Grammy, Papa, 
Aunt Sara, Uncle Bruce, Liam, 
Aubrey, and Nana, you don't know 
how wonderful your support and love 
has been! Your doors have always 
been open for me. To all my friends, 
I will miss you so much! We have 
had so many great times and laughs. 
To the band, I don't know what you'll 
do without your key players- Maria 
and I! I wish the best of luck to the 
class of 201 0, and to the other 
students and faculty at NHS. It has 
been wicked awesome! 

Christopher Greene 

Chris, Greene 

Football 1-4; Basketball 1; 
Winter Track 2-4; Lacrosse 1 ; 
Spring Track 2-4 

I would first like to thank my 
parents for always being there | 
for me and for shaping me into^ 
who I am today. I also want to i 
thank my brothers, Ted and ; 
Dan, for helping me with i 
whatever I needed. I would j 
like to thank my teachers for ' 
getting me through these last i 
four years and my coaches fori 
making me the athlete I am 
today. Lastly, I would like to | 
thank my friends for making | 
these past years exciting and ■ 
enjoyable. Good Luck Class ofl 
2010! ' 

Edward Greene 

Lacrosse 1 ; Basketball 1 ; 
ndoor Track 2-4; Outdoor Track 2-4; 
Football 1-4 


Colin Gunning 

Gunning, C2Gunns32 

Sydney Haber-IVIattie 

Syd, Skeeter, Seeeeed 

JV Field Hockey 1-2; 
Softball 2 

'Every step is a new 
idventure. " 
-Pat Collins 

rhanks everyone. Good luck 
lext year! 

"That's life"-Dad 

"Let's just meet at the center. "-Me 

Thanks to all my friends and 
fannily. Thanks for the support 
and all the laughs. 

"Be who you are and say what you 
feel because those who mind don't 
matter and those who matter don't 
mind. " -Dr. Seuss 

My four years at Norwell High 
School have been far from easy but 
my parents have been there for me, 
encouraging me to never give up. 
And my friends, well, they are 
probably the most special people in 
my life; so thank you. I also want my 
teachers to know that I appreciate all 
the hard work they have done to 
make my time at Norwell worthwhile. 
The path I've walked has been quite 
interesting, and I would have never 
gotten to this chapter in my life 
without any of these people. Thank 
you again everyone for helping me 
finish this chapter of my life. I cannot 
wait for the next! 

V \ \m» f mm i 


Monica Hanley 

"If I had a world of my own, everything would 
be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, 
because everything would be what it isn't. And 
contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And 
what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" 
-Alice, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

"A child of five would understand this. Send 
someone to fetch a child of five." 
-Groucho Marx 

"I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, 
but I'm on my way." 
-Carl Sandburg 

I've got a good many people whom I'd like to 
thank for helping me get this far in life. So 
many, in fact, that I don't believe I can 
remember all of them. Thus, the first group of 
people I wish to thank are those whom I 
should thank, but didn't. Except that I am, 
because I wanted to, but couldn't, so I did. 

"What I want and what I need will always be 
free" -Brandon Boyd 

"What lies behind you and what lies In front of 
you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of 
you. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I want to thank my family, I know I can be a 
handful at times so thank you for putting up 
with me. Dad, you're my best friend. I wish I 
could be more specific, but friends you are 
everything I am and you're all a part of my 
family. You're all blessings in my life. My girls 
it's been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a 
minute. My list of brothers, thank you for 
keeping an eye on me, I'm always here. A big 
thank you to all my buddies that never grew 
up, thanks for sticking around and lending 
your wisdom. What I am trying to say is it's 
been interesting to say the least and I owe all 
of you surrounding me a sincere thank you for 
that. Peace 

"Try to realize it's all within yourself, no one 
else can make you change, and to see you're 
really only very small and life flows on within 
you and without you. " 

-George Harrison 

I would like to thank my family, 
especially Lawrence, for being so 
supportive and pushing me in every 
direction to be the person that I am 
today. I would also like to thank my 
teachers, especially my music 
teachers, for inspiring me and never 
letting me give up. Lastly to my 
friends-thank you all so much for 
helping me with everything along the 
way and for putting up with me. 
Good luck with everything! 

Ashley Hanlon 

Sarah Harding 

Gymnastics 1-4; Cheerleading 2-4; 
Softball 1 ; Basketball Manager 1 ; 
Soccer Manager 1 

Rebecca Hathaway 

Best Buddies 1-4; Student Gov 1-4; 
Ski Team 2-4; Cross Country 4; 
Spring Track 2-4; Soccer 1-3 

Thank you to my family, my 
riends, and my teachers for 
lelping and supporting me 
hrough these four years of 
ligh school. 

"As people grow up, they realize it's 
less important to have more friends 
and more important to have real 
ones. " -Lauren Conrad 

Thank you mom and dad for all the 
love and support you have given me 
over the past 1 8 years. You have 
inspired me to do things I never 
thought were possible. Amanda, 
good luck with everything- 1 love you. 
Rheault and Nursie-I love you both. I 
appreciate the support you have 
given me for the past 4 years. Cheer 
girls- good luck next year! To all my 
friends-thank you for all the 
memories and laughs. I love you all. 
Vanessa Durgan, my best friend 
always-thank you for always being 
there for me, I love you! 
Congratulations class of 2010 and 
good luck! 

"What we do for ourselves dies with 
us. What we do for others and the 
world remains and is immortal. " 
-Albert Pine 

Thank you to the coaches and 
teachers who have helped me these 
past four years, especially Ms. Criss, 
you've become more than a teacher 
but a friend. To all my friends- thank 
you for making the past twelve or so 
years so much fun and for always 
being there for me- good luck with 
everything you do! Tim- thanks for all 
the fun we've had, you're the best! 
Patrick- I'm going to miss you next 
year, I don't know what I'm going to 
do without my singing partner! Good 
luck & have fun the rest of high 
school. Elizabeth thanks not just for 
being the best sister but for being a 
great friend I love you! Lastly thank 
you Mom and Dad for always being 
there for support AND for fun. I love 
you both! 

Rachel Hayes 

"Don't be afraid of death Winnie. Be afraid of 
an unlived life. " -Tuck Everlasting 

"All ttie world's a stage, and all ttie men and 
women merely players: they have their exits 
and their entrances; and one man in his time 
plays many parts, his acts being seven ages. " 

I would like to thank my Mom, Dad and sister, 
Jackie. Mom and Jackie, you are my best 
friends, you can always make me laugh and I 
can confide in you like no one else. Dad-you 
have taught me that '1here is no substitution 
for hard work," and I will always keep that with 
me! Thank you guys for being so loving and 
supportive, I wouldn't have been able to 
survive my high school years without you! To 
my close and long-time friends, it's been 
really fun and I hope to see you all in the 
future! Ms. Cortright, you are the most 
interesting teacher I know, I now know trig, 
calculus and how to cook ganache. Thank 
you Mr. Gonaitis for being so involved with 
JSA and for teaching AP Gov! Now onto the 
next adventure. Here's to looking at you class 
of 2010, we did it!! 

Timothy Healy 

Surf Culture 1-4; Soccer 1-4; 
Tennis 1-4 

I want to thank my family for 
all their support and 
encouragement, and Rebecca 
for her friendship. 

Stephen Herling 

Steve, Sherling, Captain Steve, 
Steve-o, Stevebomb 

Cross Country 1-2; Swimming 1-4 (capt.); 
Track 1-2; Environment Club; 
Young Democrats; Invisible Children; Vietnat. 

"It was the best of times, it was the 
w/orst of times. "-Charles Dickens 

"Hold your glass high, hold it in. 
Never betray the way you've a/waysj 
known it is. "-The Shins j 

I'd like to thank anyone that I've hung ol 
with in the past four years. Thank you ' 
Mom and Dad for putting up with me ano 
supporting me no matter what. Ryan- | 
thanks for the help you've given me 
when I needed it. Erin- you're my best 
friend. I don't know where I would be 
without you. Liz-you're the best, I have t( 
thank you for putting up with me as well.i- 
Nam '08- thanks for the great time. 
Lozan and Schad- thanks for being 
there. Last but not least I'd like to thank 
the Barstow Boys. It's been a great four 
years; it's a shame to have this coming 
to an end. To the underclass- carpe 
diem. Peace. 

PS- Thanks for the Audi, Kauff. i 

Christopher Mines 

Emily Hoffman 

Julianne {Holland 


Ehoff, Em 

Robotics 1-4; Math Team 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; 
Hockey 1,2,4 

Soccer 1-3; Softball 1-2; 
Basketball Manager 1-2; 
Hockey Manager 3 

'Anyone who has never made a 
mistake has never tried anything 
new. " - Albert Einstein 

would like to thank my parents, my 
sister Mikayla, and all of my teachers 
or making my high school years a 
great experience. Thank you Mom 
and Dad for always being there for 
Tie and helping me out when I 
needed it, and thank you Mikayla for 
oeing a great sister. I would 
9specially like to thank Herm and 
<wol and the entire Robotics Team 
or giving me so many memories. I 
nad some of the most fun times of 
Tiy life with Robotics. Thank you 
guys and good luck to the rest of the 
eam in the upcoming years. Good 
uck to the class of 2010! 

"All that we are is the result of what we have 
thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is 
made up of our thoughts. If a person speaks 
or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. 
If a person speaks or acts with a pure 
thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow 
that never leaves him. " -Budda 

"Choose the day and choose the sign of your 
day. the days divinity. "-The Doors 

First, I would like to thank my parents. You 
have been there for me through everything; 
you guys will always be my inspiration. I love 
you guys so much. Katherine, enjoy the rest 
of middle school and high school, get good 
grades and be yourself, love you. Adam, I've 
always looked up to you bro, you're the best! 
Thanks, I love you. Victoria Rose, you will 
always remain my best friend, we've been 
through everything and I love you to death. 
My girls-and everyone else, love you and 
good luck next year, I wish you the best! Kyla, 
Leah, Meech and Leanne, love you guys, and 
everyone else of '09, you made high school 
so fun, I'll never forget you! To all my 
teachers, you have helped me so much, 
thanks! Ms. Rheault, you kept me organized 
through these past 4 years, couldn't thank you 
enough. Mr. Keegan, thanks for being so 
supportive! Good luck class of 2010, WE DID 

I want to thank my parents for 
always supporting me and my 
crazy ideas. I also want to 
thank my amazing 
grandparents for always being 
there for me. Thank you to all 
my friends and especially my 
best friends Krissie, Jess, 
Erin, Mike, and Chase for 
being with me through thick 
and thin. To my cousin and my 
other half Ashly, from cribs to 
beds, water shoes to heels, 
from Dr. Seuss to Cosmo, 
scraped knees to broken 
hearts, first steps to first kiss 
you've been by my side 
through it all, love you babel 
Congratulations class of 2010! 
Good luck! 

Kaitlyn Howard 

Katie, Kpresh, Kane 

Cross Country 1-4 (capt.); 
Spring Track 3, 4 

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. 
Make sure it's worth watching. "-Anonymous 

To my family-thank you so much for 
everything you've done for me. Mom, thanks 
for being my best friend and always being 
there for me. Dad, thanks for the support and 
putting a smile on my face. I love you both. 
Krint-thanks for giving me someone to look up 
to. Daff-thanks for being the funniest person 
I've ever met. I love you both, you're my best 
friends in the whole world, I'll miss you! Kath, 
you're the best. Thanks for everything, I love 
you. V- 1 love you, thanks for being a sister to 
me. Thanks to my awesome friends. I'll never 
forget all the laughs and good times we've 
had. My memories of growing up with all of 
you are countless. PL's- love all of you, 
thanks for the best times of my life. XC-thanks 
for the memories. Keep up the title. Squadron 
'09..hahaha. [Howard+Mahoney=LOVE] To all 
of my teachers, thank you so much for 
everything you've taught me. And to Class of 
2010, there's never been a dull moment, I'll 
miss you. Good Luck! 

Olivia Huie 

Lacrosse 1-4; 
Cross Country 1-2; 
Indoor Track 3; Basketball 1-2 

"Maybe the best thing is to stop 
figuring out where you're going and 
just enjoy where you are. " 
-One Tree Hill 

Wherever I go and whatever I decide 
to do I know my family will be there 
to support me. Mom and Dad, I want 
to thank you for everything, you've 
given me so much. Lex-you have 
been like a sister to me, we have so 
many good memories that are 
unforgettable. I would also like to 
thank all my teachers who have 
helped me through high school, 
especially Ms. Field for never giving 
up on me and pushing me to do my 
best. To all of my friends who made 
the unforgettable memories during 
my high school years. Class of 2010- 
we did it! 

Philip Johnson 

Phil, Phillmatic, Philly cheese steak: 

Soccer 1-4 (capt.); Track 1-3 

"I think 'it's' done." 

-Phil Johnson 

Thank you mom and dad for 
all your support. You've 
helped me out immensely 
through the last 12 years of 
school and I couldn't have 
asked for more. Good luck 
Dylan with the rest of the I 
years of school and stay out olj 
trouble. Thank you to all my 
teachers and coaches who j 
have helped me to have a 
good high school experience. 
And I want to especially thank 
the senior dudez for a great 4 , 

Patrick Johnston 

Pat, PJ, Patty J, Tippy Dangler 

Football 4; Hockey 1 ,2,4; 
Lacrosse 1-4 (capt.) 

Conor Kane 

CK, Coke 

Drama 1-4; Latin Club 1-4; 
Math Team 2-4; Navigator 2-4 

Douglas Kauff 

Doug, DJ Scribblah, Dougie Fresh, 
Kauffing, Todd, Doug the Bug 

Golf 1-4; Track 1-4; Peer Ed 3, 4; 
Band 1-4; NHS 3-4 

Imma do just what I want, lookin' ahead no 
urnin' back. If I fall, if I die. know I lived it to 
he fullest. If I fall, if I die, I live and missed 
iome bullets. " -Kid Cudi 

'o all my family on the east and west coasts, 
nanks, you have always been there to 
.upporl me through the good and the bad. 
yiom-you have been the most reliable person 
1 my life, I can always turn to you for advice 
ind comfort, and for that I can never thank 
'ou enough. Dad-thanks for always pushing 
ne to be the best I can be and always work to 
ny potential, without you all my success could 
lot be possible. I could never put a limit on 
low much I am grateful for the sacrifices you 
lave made for me. Molly and Caroline, thanks 
or the love and humor you have always 
Kovided me through the years, I love you 
wo. "Senior Duudeess" you know who you 
ire, you guys have made high school a blast 
or me. To all the football, hockey and 
acrosse guys, thanks for a great senior year, 
-astly, I'd like to thank the NHS faculty, staff 
ind coaches. Thanks to everyone I left out, 
jood luck to y'all in the future, and Congrats 
)n making it through high school. 

"Being natural is simply a pose, and the most 
irritating pose I know. " -Oscar Wilde 

"My method is uncertain, it's a mess but it's 
workin '. " -Fiona Apple 

First, the family. Ryan, thank you for being a 
great older brother and for pulling our family 
out of New England. Quinn, thanks for dinner, 
and for putting up with all this college crap, 
twice now. Good luck with the next five years, 
not that you'll need it. Mom and Dad, thanks 
for perfectly knowing everything necessary, 
and for not necessarily knowing everything 
perfectly. Thanks for all your support and 
understanding. Ms. Lozan, thanks for being 
such a great friend and for embracing the 
lasers. Mr. Whelton, thank you for helping me 
see how amazing Latin is. Thank you. Lacy, 
for making these years so much more than 
what they otherwise would have been. 
Molly— thanks for being the best possible 
scene partner, prom date, and friend. Hope 
you have a great time in France — we'll miss 
you here, but you definitely made the right 
decision. And to everyone else that will never 
read this, but deserve more than just this 
mentioning, thank you. 

7 bought a seven-dollar pen 
because I always lose pens and I'm 
sick of not caring. " -Mitch Hedberg 

First off, I would like to thank all the 
senior dudes who made this trip 
through high school as enjoyable as 
possible. Also thanks to the Barstow 
Boys for the plethora of good laughs 
throughout the years. Thank you so 
much to all of my teachers over the 
years who have provided loads of 
support and encouragement; Ms. 
Provenzano, Mr. Nycz, Papa 
Gonaitis, and all of my other 
teachers. Sam and Liz, thank you for 
paving a smooth passage through 
high school and for teaching me all 
the tips of life. Thank you Mom and 
Dad for the constant encouragement 
and for pointing me in the right 
direction through my life. It's been a 
fantastical four years. 

Erica Knudsen 

"Today you are you that is truer than 
true, there is no one alive who is 
youer than you. " -Dr. Suess 

"I lean on you, you lean on me and 
we'll be okay. " -DMB 

Mom and Dad thank you for all your 
love and support, you have given me 
everything a girl could ask for. I love 
you both more than the world. Jess 
you have been my best friend and 
sister. Even though we fight I still 
love you. Thanks for being there at 
two in the morning to talk when no 
one else was awake. To my 
grandparents thank you for all your 
wisdom. Papa Gabriel, thank you for 
yelling at me when I was wrong and 
loving me when I was right. You 
helped me become the person I am 
today. I will always be your pumpkin. 
Auntie and Uncle you're the best 
ever. I love you. Friends thank you 
for helping me out through the years. 
You're the best. Good Luck class of 

Matthew Kwasnik 

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of 
human qualities... because it is the 
quality which guarantees all others. " 
-Winston Churchill 

First I'd like to thank my parents for, well, 
being my parents. It seems like the glory 
days of 5th were just yesterday, and now I'm 
graduating somehow, thank you. To my 
brother and sisters, thanks for looking out for 
me and being great examples of how to 
succeed. To my family, thanks for supporting 
me no matter what I do, I'm going to need it. I 
want to thank my football coaches for 
teaching me the value of pride and hard work, 
and all the guys who shared the wins and 
losses with me, I wouldn't trade that for 
anything. Mr. Lantier, your lessons of self- 
motivation will stay with me for a lifetime, as 
will your crazy workouts. The crew, it's been 
a rollercoaster ride, thanks for the great times. 
Teachers, there are too many to thank, thanks 
for the joys of education. Class of '10, it's 
been real, can't wait to do work. 

Katherine Lewis 

Kg, Kace, Klew, Big Lew, Skywalkei 

Basketball 1-4 (Capt); Lacrosse 1, 2; 
Robotics 1-4; Best Buddies 1-4; 
Boys Soccer Manager 3, 4; 
Football Manager 4; 
World Challenge 2-3; | 
Invisible Children 3 ' 

"It is our choices. Harry, that show what we 
truly are, far more than our abilities. " 

•Albus Dumbledore j 

"Blessed are the peace makers for they she 
be called the children of God"-Matthew 5:9 

First, thank you to my mom and dad for all t 
support and love throughout the years. Matt 
thanks for being such a great brother, coact 
and my number one fan. Jim-thanks for all t 
laughs and encouragement. Mich & Rach- 1 
couldn't imagine my life without the two of 
you, thank you so much for all the amazing 
memories we've had together. You guys wil 
always be my best friends. Thank you to all' 
my teachers and coaches especially, Mr. 
Browne, Mr. Sullivan, and Mr. Marani. Hillar' 
14 years of friendship and more to come, 
thanks for always being there. Jill- thanks fc 
all the crazy times, you're the best, love you 
Dennis- thank you for always supporting me 
and always brightening up my day, I love yc 
Basketball girls, especially Brooke, I'll miss 
you guys and Good Luck! Nam 08 - thanks 
the memories. Football managers-love you 
girls! Squadron 09. .."I've got a feeling". PL' 
Best friends I could ask for, thanks for the 
amazing times, you always kept me laughi 
And finally to the class of 2010, Good Luck! 

Jane Lifters 

Janey, Janebell, differs, 

'But I don't want to go among mad 
jeople, " said Alice. "Oh, you can't 
lelp that, " said the cat. "We're all 
vad here. " 

-Lewis Carroll 

' 'Just keep swimming. Just keep 
mimming. Just keep swimming, 
swimming, swimming. What do we 
io? We swim, swim, swim. " 
-Finding Nemo 

Thanks to my family for putting up 
vith me every day. Thank you to my 
riends who live at my house, you're 
iwesome. To all my friends and all 

f he great times, the beach, car rides, 
unning around, everything. To 
everyone I've swam with, especially 
Heidi, Bridget and Kim every season 

: vith you was amazing! To my 
jrothers, Peter, you make me laugh, 
David, you're pretty cool. Good luck 
:lass of 2010! 

Wesley Linehan 

Football 1, 3, 4; Tennis 1-3 

Thanks to everyone who I 
went through this with. They 
know who they are. 

Mikayla Luciw 

Mik, Looch, Mom 

Hockey 2-4; Lacrosse 2; 
Mock Trial 1-4 (Capt.); 
JSA 3-4; Yearbook 3-4; 
Peer Ed. 3-4 

"Your past is a reflection of how you made it 
to your future. ..Don't forget it, but accept it 
and l<eep moving forward. " - Anonymous 

I'd like to start off by tfianking God for His 
guidance, love and many blessings. To my 
family - Dad and Mom thank you for always 
standing by me and giving me support and 
encouragement in everything that I do. I love 
you. Brianna, know that I will always be there 
for you no matter what. Remember to always 
give 110% at everything you do! Alexa, high 
school will be here before you know it! Keep 
working hard and having fun. To the Baker 
family - There aren't enough words to thank 
you all for all of your love, support and 
guidance that you have given myself and my 
family throughout all of the good times and 
the bad. I love you guys! To all of my closest 
friends - You have all left memories with me 
that I will treasure forever. Aisling, we've been 
through it all together and I don't know how I 
would've made it without you! Love you babe! 
To all of my teammates over the years, and to 
all of those who the game of hockey has 
privileged me to know, thank you for all of the 
lasting memories. Finally, I'd like to thank all 
of my family, friends, teachers, and coaches 
who have helped to make me into the person 
I have become today. Congratulations Class 
of 2010! 

Andrew Lunn 

Cameron MacDonald 

Connor MacDonald 

Lunn, The Lunn, Big Andy 

Robotics 1-4; Tennis 2-4; 
Golf 1-4 

I would like to start off by 
thanking my Mom, Dad, and 
Sister. Mom, your strength 
inspires me and you're 
always the one to encourage 
me to do my work. Dad, you 
always find a way to make 
me work hard and still have 
fun. Molly, I can always ask 
you what you think about any 
topic. As for my friends, you 
guys have made my high 
school years unforgettable. 
Good Luck Class of '10! 

Cam, The Kid That Plays Baseball, 
The Austrian, Mac, 
The Cleveland Indian 

Baseball 1-4, Winter Track 3,4, 

"If you didn't have fun today, you 
should be in a meadow, playing 
the violin, and eating 
-Coach Jacobs 

"It's so hot. .., milk was a bad 
choice. " -Ron Burgandy 

Mom and Dad, thanks for 
everything and putting up with 
me all these years. Thanks to 
Coach Jacobs for all those hours 
spent out on the diamond. 
Thanks O'Dizzle. Thanks Mr. 
Lantier, good times in Lifetime 
and at the Reggie Lewis Center. 
4x4 Qualify. Thanks to all my 
friends for always being there for 
me. Thanks Ms. Lozan for 
awesome advisory days. Thanks 
Senior Dudes. NHS it's been 

"Nothing great was ever achieves 
without enthusiasm. " 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

My excellent teachers and 
advisors, I would like to thank you 
for your efforts beyond the call of 
duty. In addition, I would like to . 
thank my loving parents for ' 
supporting my education and 
talents. Where would I be without 
people who can say, "I love you," 
day after day? My friends, I thank 
you for always being there; we 
have had a lot of good times. I 
The school has grown on me, and 
it will feel odd leaving. Do not let 
anyone fool you: Norwell is an 
excellent community and I am 
thankful to have grown up here. 
Days can be long at NHS, but they, 
are truly short, because college is 
around the corner. Carpe diem: 
nihil de nihilo fit! I 

Kathleen MacDonald 

Emily Mandigo 

Chase Marr 

Kate, KMAC, Mac Attack 

Soccer 1-4 (capt); Basketball 1-3; 
Lacrosse 1 -4 (capt) 

First I want to thank my family for tlieir 
endless support. Dad- tfianks for being my 
#1 fan since kindergarten soccer, for 
always believing in me and never allowing 
me to give up. Mom- for being my best 
friend and role model, you're always there 
for me and I can't thank you enough. 
Mark- for the heart to hearts and making 
every family dinner as interesting as 
possible. Luke- for always being there to 
make me laugh, couldn't ask for a better 
little brother or friend, run the show the 
next three years. Mack-holla. Kara-for 
being a sister to me for the past 13 years 
and for the countless laughs and 
memories. Okies-for accepting me as the 
fifth daughter. Tom-for reppin the jersey 
soph year and always being there to make 
me smile from then on, you're the best. 
LAX-state champs oh nine, live it love it. 
Soccer girls-for being the most power 
hungry group since frosh year, keep it just 
as fresh next season. Jen Kent- for the 
endless help and support, thanks for 
everything. T-Pain-for the golf cart rides 
and being our grandpa. Kara and Tommy- 
nature fort, never forget it. To the entire 
senior class who have made these last 
four years unforgettable, best of luck! 

JV Softball 1 ; 
Varsity Swimming 2-4; 
Varsity Softball 2-4 

"It is not in tine stars to hold 
our destiny but in ourselves. " 
-Willliam Shakespeare 

I want to thank my mom, 
my dad, and my sister for 
all their support. I also 
want to thank Ms. Fox who 
has always been there for 
me. Last but not least my 
friend who's raised me up 
when I was down. 

Chaser, Dr. Dreidel, 
Big Guy, Big Red 

Golf 1-3; Wrestling 2-4; 

Track 1-4; Football 4; 
Best Buddies 1; JSA 2-4; 

Ultimate Frisbee 1-3 

"The greatest pleasure in 
life is doing what people 
say you cannot do. " 
-Phyllis "Grandma" Novak 

Mom, you kept pushing 
even when I pushed back. 
Grandma, thanks for never 
mixing the colors with the 
whites. Dad, I need 
another 20. Ms. Schad, 
everything I needed and 

Francois Alexi Martel 

The Original Dirtbag, 
The Bagel Monger King 

Alexa Massey 

Alexa E, Lex, Lexi, Pocahontas 

Ashley May 

Cross Country 1-2; Track 1-2; JSA 1-4; 
Student Government 3-4; Philosophy Club 4 

7 do dream you into my life. Gift me your love 
if you please. " -Donovan 

7 stay behind, I walk atiead. Apart yet a part 
of everything. " -Donovan "The Way" 

"Wall of sleep is cool and bright. Wall of sleep 
is lying broken. Sun shines in, you have 
awoken. " -Black Sabbath 

"Lookin through a Glass Onion" -John Lennon 

"Here Comes the Sun" -The Beatles 

"JONSHONTZni!" -The Misfits 

First I want to thank Mom, Dad and Mark. 
Thanks for helping me throughout my life so 
far. It's been a real roller coaster ride but 
because of you three, I've never really flown 
off the tracks (for too long that is). I love you. 
Second, I want to thank my friends. You guys 
keep it funny, keep it fresh, and keep it real. 
Finally, I want to thank everyone else. All you 
guys and gals at Nonwell are fantastic, 
whether you realize it or not. I'd like to end 
with some simple advice that has helped me 
all my life. Keep an open mind. Never close 
yourself off to learning or living. Also, 
everything's a balance, nothing is just black or 
white. Don't be be too critical of other people, 
because believe it or not everyone's human. 
Just remember, we're all in this yellow 
submarine together. 

'Today is gonna be the day 
That they're gonna throw it back to you 
By now you should've somehow 
Realized what you gotta do. " 


I can't believe it's finally time to graduate. 
:) It came too quick! I just want to start 
off by saying thanks to all my friends and 
family, Mom, G-ma, Dom and Fran. I 
couldn't do it without all your love and 
support. You guys rock!! And to all my 
amazing friends and our good times 
we've had throughout these past school 
years, especially Shiandra, Amanda, 
Colin, Connor, Riley, Twan, Smiley, Luke 
and my new home girl Paige, thanks 
guys! I also want to thank Norwell High 
School for welcoming me into this school 
my junior year and thank you to all my 
teachers for teaching me and helping me 
to get where I am now. I'm going to miss 
the good times during period 5 physics 
class with Bradshaw-ha-ha. Thanks 
Norwell High. I just want to give a shout 
out: Congrats class of 2010... We made 

"Let them eat cake. " 

-Marie Antoinette 

Thanks to all my friends for 
making high school so great! 
I'm thankful to have so many 
great memories. Best of luck 
in the future class of 2010! 


Jessica McCarron 

Jess, Jessie, Jay-Jay 


7 believe in pink. I believe that laughing 
s the best calorie burner. I believe in 
dssing: kissing a lot. I believe in being 
strong, when everything seems to be 
going wrong. I believe that happy girls 
are the prettiest girls. I believe that 
'omorrow is another day & I believe in 
viracles. " 

-Audrey Hepburn 

'Good Friends will bail you out of jail. 
3est Friends will help you bury the 
oody. " 

would like to thank my friends and 
amily. Between the great times, funny 
noments, and comforting tears, it's been 
3 great childhood journey. My friends, 
Julianne, Ashly, Ryan, Sarah, Paige, and 
Erin, and my family. Mom, Dad, and my 
hree amazing aunts, you all have been 
3xtremely supportive through everything! 
'd also like to thank my teachers that 
lave been a great support through all of 
ligh school. Thanks to Ms. Holland for 
all the great lunch times and fun 
Tiemories! Good luck to class of 2010. 

Martin IVIcGarrigle 

Thanks to all my buddies who 
made these years the best. 

Blair IVIcGreenery 

[[/larky Ricky Danny Terry Mikey Davey 
Jimmy Tommy Joey Robby Johnny and Brad 

Golf, Ice Hockey, Lax, Jazz, 
Student Government 

" There is notiiing like returning to a 
place that remains unchanged to find 
the ways in which you yourseif have 
altered' -Nelson IVIandeia 

I'd like to thank God for always 
listening. My mother and father for 
all they have given me, all their 
patience and their time, and 
especially all their love. My brother 
and my sister for keeping a smile on 
my face. As well as everyone else in 
my family I love you all. All my 
friends that have been through the 
good times and bad times with me; 
thanks guys, they were fun. On a 
personal note, I'd like to thank Jay-Z, 
The Game, Tupac Biggie, Snoop, 
and Dr. Dre. I would also like to 
thank my teammates of both the 
puck team and the lax team; thanks 
bros. Thanks to all my coaches and 
teachers. Thanks to all for the 
opportunities, memories and love. 
Finally, for all those that have made 
me stronger in this lifetime...! thank 

Charles McKitrick 

Charlie, Chaz, NBA ChazTime, Slam 
Dunk McKitrick, Slippery Sleez Man 

Football 1; Boys' Spring Track 1-3; 
Winter Track 1-2; Swim Team 3-4; 
Latin Club 1-4; Snowboard Club 1-4; 
Environment Club 3-4; 
NHS (Publicist, 3-4); 
Young Democrats 

"A man is a success if he gets up in 
the morning and gets to bed at night 
and in between does what he wants 
to do. " -Bob Dylan 

"Do not dwell in the past, do not 
dream of the future, concentrate the 
mind on the present moment. " 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Caitlin, Molly, 
and Hannah for supporting me my 
whole life and making me the person 
I am today. I love you. Thanks to all 
the bros who helped me to learn 
what's really up. Thanks to all my 
teachers for the valuable knowledge. 
All the characters in our grade, 
thanks for making my high school 
experience enjoyable. Great times, 
great memories. Good luck class of 
'10, peace. 

Laura McPherson 

Lou, McFierce, Mac 

Softball 1-4; 
Cross Country 1-3; 
Winter Track 1; Chorus 1-2 

"Even in the midst of tragedy, life goes 
on, love can flower, and the one thing 
you can always change is yourself " 

These past four years have gone by 
amazingly fast. Thank you to all my 
teachers who helped me grow and learn. 
Mr. Browne, thank you for always having 
faith in me. My friends, Molly, Liz, Sarah 
and Emily, you guys have been 
awesome. Thanks for everything. 
Dennis, you've helped me grow so much 
as a person and I can't thank you 
enough for that. I love you guys. My 
family, thanks for putting up with me. 
Mom, thanks for always being there to 
give me hugs and for the support in 
everything I do. Dad, I don't think I could 
name all the times you've helped me out, 
it really means a lot. Doug, you have 
been an inspiration and you never fail in 
making me smile. Jeff, thanks for all the 
math help and laughing at my stupid 
jokes. I know both of you have great 
futures ahead of you. I love you all. To 
the class of '10, best of luck! 

Parker Merrit 

''Goodbye gravel road, Thanks for 
the ride. For watching over me. . . yoi 
were there. When I woke up. You 
walked me home Yeah you led me 
home. . . "- Jason Aldean. "Fast. " 
Wide Open. 2009. 

Thank you to Mom and Dad 
for helping me through school. 
There's no way I could have 
made it to here without you. I 
know I could be a pain but I 
know you had trust in me and 
let me do the things I wanted 
to. Thank you everyone- Mark, 
Trevor, Kristian, Peirson, Rob, 
Bobby and everyone else for 
the greatest summer at the 
beach, on the boat, and 
hangin out. Thank you NHS 
Teachers for helping me when 
I needed it. I appreciate 

Field Hockey 1-4(capt.); 
Swim Team 1-4; 
Spring Track 1-2; 
Dance Team 1-4; 
Environment Club 3-4 

"There are no such things as 
shoulds and woulds in the universe... 
There are only things that could 
have turned out differently" 
-It's Kind of a Funny Store 

When I reflect on my time at NHS, I 
can't help but smile. I owe every 
experience to the people in my life. 
Mom & Dad, you have helped me in 
every way possible and I will never 
be able to repay you. Thank you for 
devoting so much of your lives for 
my well being. Laura, thank you for 
being the best role model I could ask 
for. Rob and Tom, you guys were so 
much fun to grow up with. As for my 
friends, I love all of you and can't 
imagine cooler people to spend 12 
years of school with. Katie and Erin, 
you are honestly like sisters to me. 
Chris, thank you for the memories 
that will last my entire life. Class of 
'10, it's been real. 

Lucas Nigro 


Track 1 , Wrestling 3-4, Art 
Club 4, Philosophy Club 4 

"It's only as good as the 
people who are there" 
"There is one law, the law of 
karma. Know who you are. " 


Thank you to all of my family 
who always knew I could do it. 
Especially "Mother Nigro" who 
tirelessly took care of me and 
"The Crew" at "The Garage." 
Thank you to all my friends 
that have always been there 
for me. Thank you to all the 
teachers that I have had the 
pleasure of meeting over the 
course of my high school 
career. And thank you all 
whom I can't remember to 
name - you know who you 

Emily Palmer 

Palm Pilot 

Cross Country 1-4; Winter Track 1-4; 
Spring Track 1-4 

"As we seek so shall we find. " 
-Run Around-Blues Traveler 

"All our dreams can come true, if we tiave tfte 
courage to pursue them. " 
-Walt Disney 

Thank you to all my teachers over the past 
four years, you have taught me so much 
academically and personally and I will be 
forever grateful for that. To my parents, thank 
you for your constant love and support, I don't 
know what I would do without you. And Sarah, 
thanks for being the greatest best friend and 
twin anyone could ask for! Next year may fake 
us in separate directions, but at heart we will 
truly not be apart. To my friends, it has been a 
lot of fun these past four years; I will never 
forget all of the good times we have shared. 
And to the class of 2010, the recent four years 
and those before which we have spent 
together have been amazing, good luck to 
everyone; I wish you all the best in the future! 
Congratulations class of 2010 we made it! 

Sarah Palmer 

Cross Country 1-4; 
Winter Track 1, 2; 
Spring Track 1 , 3 & 4 

"Dream the impossible dream, Fight 
the unbeatable foe, Strive with your 
last ounce of courage, To reach the 
unreachable star. " 

-Man of La Mancha 

Throughout these past four years, I 
have had many great experiences 
that I will always remennber. I want to 
thank all of my friends for making 
high school as fun and exciting as it 
was. Also my parents for making 
sure I continually strived to do my 
best in everything. Lastly, I want to 
thank my sister for being able to 
make me laugh all the time and for 
always being there for me. Good 
luck to all the future Cross Country 
and Track runners at NHS! And 
good luck to the Class of 2010; I 
wish you all the best in the years to 

Lisa Powers 

User, Lisey, Lee 

Cross Country 1-3; 
Softball 1 & 2; 
Winter Cheerleading 1, 
Track 3 

Wow, I can't believe how fast these past four 
years have gone by. They say time flies 
by when you are having fun and I've 
definitely had a lot of fun. I want to start 
off by thanking all my teachers for 
helping me every step of the way. Ms. 
Boyer- without your help and support I 
wouldn't have made it this far. Mr. 
Schelvan- thanks for putting up with my 
complaining every morning in homeroon- 
LOL. I would also like to thank my mom 
and dad for supporting me and keeping 
me in line and thank you Laura for being 
the best sister I could ever ask for and 
always looking out for me. Joe, all I have 
to say is behave and do good in school 
or else you will regret it. Most of all I 
would like to thank my friends, you have 
been my biggest supporters. Lex- Have 
fun next year! Keep in touch! Mickey, 
work hard, stay out of trouble and most 
importantly have fun! Love you all! 
Congratulations class of 2010! It is time 
to move on. This is not the end, it is only i 
the beginning. , 

Claire Preble 

"/a/re Bear, Cler Ber, Cler, Sassy C, 

Tennis 1-4(captain); Winter Track 1; 
JSA 2; Invisible Cilildren 3 & 4; 
Yearbook 4; Peer Ed 3 & 4; 
NHS 3 & 4 

Closing time, time for you to go out to tlie 
laces you will be from. ..Closing time, every 
ew beginning comes from some othier 
eginning's end. " 

yiay your heart always be joyful and may 
our song always be sung, may you stay 
never young" 
-Bob Dylan 

would like to thank my family and friends 
)r supporting and helping me. Mom, thank 
ou for everything that you do for me. I don't 
now how you manage to do it all and never 
?t me down. I love you, I really do. Dad, 
lank you for never giving up on me despite 
ow much we click and clash. I am glad that 
have inhehted your love for the city and 
our steadfast nature. I love you. Matt, 
ou're the funniest person I know and no 
latter how I feel you can always make me 
iugh. I hope we keep in touch. Mike, thank 
ou for being the kind and caring individual 
lat you are, I know that you are always 
lere for me. I love you, broseph. To all my 
lends, thank you for the memories and 
nforgettable times we have had together, 
hank you to all my teachers for helping me 
iroughout the years. Good luck Girls 
ennis! And best of luck class of 2010! 

Shayne Pyle 

Weezy Baby, Double P, 
Big Man On Campus, Pyle 

Basketball 1; Track 1-2; 
Ultimate 1-2; Lacrosse 3-4 

"No matter where you go, you are what 
you are playa. " - Jay-Z 

"And in the end it's not the years in your 
life that count. It's the life in your years. " 
-Abraham Lincoln 

Thank you Mom and Dad for always 
being there for nne and helping me with 
school and teaching me about life and 
without you two I would not be the 
person I am today. Thank you Courtney 
for alwyays being there for me even 
though we got into fights and stuff I 
always loved you, good luck and enjoy 
high school, it flies by. Thank you Ms. 
Schad, you really made high school an 
awesome place for me and without you I 
probably wouldn't have graduated. I 
appreciate everything you ever did for 
me. And last I would like to thank all my 
friends and bros for being there for me 
and making high school awesome for 
me, we had great times guys. Thanks for 
all the great memories; good luck 

Kevin Quinn Jr. 

QBall, QMoney, Rich Boi Rappa, Quick, 
Golden Boy, Brown Suga 

Football 1-2; Golf 3-4; 
Basketball 1-2; Ski Teann 3-4; Spring 
Track 1 ; Jazz Band 1 

"You used to be so amused at 
napolean in rags and tiie language 
that hie used, go to him now he calls 
you ya can't refuse, when you ain't 
got nuthin, ya got nuthin to lose. " 
-Bob Dylan 

I would like to thank my parents for guiding 
me through these tumultuous years and for 
paying the overwhelming majority of my living 
expenses. I would like to thank the coaches 
and teachers I have had over the years 
especially Ms. Criss, Mr. Jacobs, Ms. 
Gilmore, Ms. Clair, and Madame Mifdal. I 
want to thank my brothers Liam and Tom for 
always being supportive and my sister 
Meaghan for giving me advice and treating 
me with respect. Thanks Cheech for all the 
hours we spent at Trattoria's over the past 
couple years. Thanks Tim Healy for puffins 
cereal and surfing. Thanks Shane for being so 
genehc all the time. Thanks Clay for the many 
jokes cracked. Good luck to the 
underclassmen in finishing the quest for a 
diploma. I LOVE NHS!!!! YEAH!!!! 

Charles Raymond 

Charlie, Chaz 

Cross Country 1 ; Track 1 ; 
Robotics 1-4; Golf 3 

First off I would like to thank 
my family, Mom, Dad and Will 
You all have always been 
there for me and I am very 
grateful for it. Next, thanks to 
all my friends for all the good 
times we have had. I'll 
remember you guys forever. 
Last I would like to thank my 
teachers for everything they 
have taught me and all the 
help they have given me. 

Daniel Regan 

Dan, Reegs, Reeg-$, Dan Brady, 
QB, Rogue Waves 

Football 1-4 (capt.); 
Basketball 1-4 (capt.); 
Baseball 1-4 (capt.), NHS; Peer Ed 

You've got one tiny moment in 
ime for life to shine, to shine. " 

■irst of all, I would like to thank 
ny family- Mom, Dad, Tommy, 
)avid- for all their love and 
luidance throughout my life, 
'ou have always been there to 
jncourage and support me no 
natter the circumstance and I 
im truly grateful for everything 
'ou've done. I would also like to 
hank all my teachers and 
:oaches for pushing me and 
naking me a better person, 
^nd lastly, I want to thank all 
ny friends for all the good 
imes and for making high 
;chool such a great experience. 

Dennis Reilly 

Den, Denny, Den-Den, D-rei, 
Cross Country 1-2; 
Invisible Children 3-4 (vp) 

"I am responsible. Although I may not be able 
to prevent the worst from happening, I am 
responsible for my attitude toward the 
inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad 
things do happen: how I respond to them 
defines my character and the quality of my 
life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, 
immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can 
choose to rise from the pain treasure the most 
precious gift I have-life itself. " 

-Walter Anderson 

I would first like to start off by thanking my 
parents who have loved and supported me 
over the past couple of years. I don't know 
what I would've done without you helping me 
grow up. Next, I'll thank Alyssa. You're a 
freak, but I love you with all of my heart. Good 
luck over the next four years! I would like to 
thank my friends for constantly loving me and 
making me feel like I belong. This space right 
here isn't big enough to describe what you all 
mean to me, so I'm just going to leave it at 
that! Thanks to all my teachers at NHS, you're 
all great. I'd especially like to thank Ms. Fox, 
I'm going to miss your daily doses of humor 
and optimism! And finally to the class of 2010, 
Congrats guys! Good Luck! 



Elysia Ridener 

Ellie, E-Baby 

Navigator 3-4; Drama 3-4; 
Amnesty International 1-4; 
Art Club 1-2, 4; GSA 3-4 

"/ can't go back to yesterday- 
because I was a different 
person then. " -Lewis Carol 

Thank you, mom for 
everything that you have given 
me. You are my pillar upon 
which I stand. We truly are the 
"Gilmore Girls". Thank you to 
my good friends for being the 
amazing people they are and 
for making everyday new and 
unusual. Tyler, you make me 
the happiest girl on earth. I 
love you all so much. To the 
class of '10, thank you for 
making high school so 
marvelous; may you find 
happiness and joy in all of 
your pursuits. 

Kristine Roberts 

Krissie, Bumble 

"In the end it's not the years in your life that 
count. It's the life in your years. " 

-Abraham Lincoln 

First of all, I want to thank my parents for 
always believing in me and always helping me 
to achieve my goals, even if I didn't realize 
they were helping me at the time, i love you 
guys so much. Mark, you have completely 
transformed my life and I am a better person 
because of you. Thank you for always being 
there for me and making these four years of 
high school that much easier, I love you more 
than anything. Julianne, you're my best friend 
ever and I'll never forget that; I've had some 
of the best times with you. I dont know where 
I'd be without you. To Nick: high school flies 
by bud. Always work hard and never forget to 
value your friends above all, you're a great 
kid, remember that I wont ever be far. Thanks 
to my teachers for always pushing me and 
giving me help whenever I needed it. And 
thank you to all my friends, I hope you all 
succeed in whatever you do, and I'll never 
forget the experiences you've given to me and 
all the fun we've had. We're done! Congrats 
class of '10! 

Kaleb Rogers 

Baseball 1; Swimming 2 

Mom, Dad, Robbie, Alex, Luke, RYAN, 
Gweedo, Jman, Dillon, Raskins, Sarah, Marie 
Houde, Private O'Connell, Fanning, The head 
banging crew, the extended crew, the 
immediate crew, Erin, Julia, any friends I 
missed, my teachers (mostly), Dunkies, The 
Marshfield Fair, Skateboarding, my 
grandparents, Mike, Max, The Garage, The 
basement, Fletcher, Brian Holbrook, 
Pokemon, Magic Cards, XBOX, so much 

4av « 

Justin Sarno 

Golf 1-2; Art Club 4 

hank you to my parents, 
lark and Deb, and my sisters 
illian and Jessica, for 
upporting me through these 
igh school years. I appreciate 
II the fun times we've had 
Dgether. I love you and I'll 
Iways be your "little man." To 
iy friends, thanks for all the 
angin' out together, chillin' in 
ie basement, snowboarding 
1 VT, and for simply being my 
lends. Once a bro always a 
fo. Love you guys. 

Alexandra Saunders 

Dance Team 1-4; Softball 1-4 

I really want to thank my parents for 
everything that they have done for 
me, not just throughout my high 
school career, but throughout my 
entire life. If it wasn't for them, I don't 
know where I would be. To all of my 
friends, those who live in this town, 
other towns, and other states, thanks 
for being there for me as long as you 
have. I'm so excited and nervous for 
next year and I don't know what I will 
do without all of you. I am going to 
miss so many things about this town 
and this school in the next couple of 
years. John, good luck next year, but 
I hope that you won't need it. I can't 
believe that high school is over, but I 
know that this is really just the 

Eric Scott 

Scott, Skaht, Scotty, Scotty Baby, 
Escott, Elk 

Golf 1-4; Winter Track 1-4; 
Baseball 1-2; Spring Track 3-4 

"But he didn't seem to be getting 
anywiiere on ttie long straight path, 
so he left the path" 

-Harold and the Purple Crayon 

"Living loving, loving living, it's all 
good" -Big Willie 

I'll start it off with thanking my family. 
Mom, Dad, Pam, Josh, thanks for 
the support over the years. You're 
the best. I'd also like to thank all of 
Norwell High School. To all the 
teachers that helped me through the 
years. Nurse, and obviously Lantier, 
thank you. Have to give a shout out 
to the senior dudes. And yeah., 
that's pretty much it so... good four 
years, everyone have fun in 
college. ..and most importantly, keep 
it classy. 

Harrison Scott 

Harry, Scott 

Lacrosse 1-4; Football 1; 
Winter Track 2 

"We're so busy watching out 
for what's just ahead of us that 
we don't take the time to enjoy 
where we are. " 

-Calvin and IHobbes 

Thank you Mum and Dad for 
everything you have done for 
me throughout high school 
and putting up with me. Alex, 
Abby, and Nick thank you for 
trying to show me the right 
way. Thank you to all my 
friends: We have had some 
great times in the past four 
years. I hope you all do well 
after high school and good 
luck to the class of 2010! 

Silvia Seminara 

Hello! I let some pictures of me in 
your, our 2009-2010 yearbook be a 
sign of my short but -at least for me- 
unforgettable passage at Norwell 
High School. Thank you to 
everybody -students, teachers and 
every single person at NHS- for 
welcoming me and for making me 
feel like one of you. School has 
never been so amazing, every single 
day has never been so different and 
full of surprises and new things to 
learn. Thanks for making this the 
most significant experience of my life 
until now. I am hoping that it will be 
an enjoyable experience also for you 
all. Even though we live 
geographically so far from each 
other, we had the chance to meet 
each other and to share one 
important year of our lives... which I 
am sure will be wonderful! Good luck 
to all the grades, and especially to 
the Seniors! 

-Your Italian schoolmate Silvia 


Camryn Shaw 

Cam ,Shawzy,Cami 

"What I want is what I've not got. and what I need i. 
all around me. " -Dave Mathews Band 

"Did you hear I finally graduated?" 

"Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too. all 

right. " 

"You know a lot of people go to college tor seven 
years. " 

"I know, they're called doctors. " 

-Tommy Boy ' 

First off. thank you to all my teachers for being so 
patient with me, I know I'm a handful. To my mom- 
Thank you for caring and worrying about me so 
much, I love you, Daddy-You're the coolest guy I've 
ever known love you and thank you for helping me 
make it through these four years, Courtney-Even 
though I fight with you the majority of the time, you 
know I love you, thanks for all the advice. Kyle- 
Thanks for being such a good role model, you're th- 
best brother I could ever ask for love you man. AIsc 
Kate-Thanks for making the family complete! Jay, 
Kaytie, Kenz-You three know me better then I knovi 
myself and you've been there for me through thick 
and thin. Thanks for everything, love you forever. 
Rest of the LaDieZ, Ehoff, Seed, Vikki,Jilly,Hill-l car 
thank you enough for all the crazy adventures and 
laughs we've had since we were little ones. To the 
bOiZ, Shayney, Drew, Devin, Walshie, Jon, Fitz, 
Cduff-Thank you for ALWAYS being a good time nc 
matter what the situation is! Anthony-Thanks for 
standing by my side all these years. Grace, 
Erin.Alexa-Thanks for coming into my life last year. 
I'll miss you have fun! And last but not least, "the 
cousins"-rm so lucky to have all of you not only as 
family members but as best friends. I wish the class 
of 2010 all the best... now it's time to PEACE! | 

Maeve Shea 

Mauve Avenger, Maevey 

Cheerleading 1-4; Spring Track 2-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4; Best Buddies 1-4; 
NHS 3-4; Dance Team 3-4; Latin Club 1-4 

Jillian Sheeran 

Jill, Jillie Bean, J-WAAYDE, Jilly 
Woowoo, "Shee" 

Soccer 1-4; Lacrosse 2-4; Winter Track 3; 
Basketball 1 ; Softball 1 ; Dance Team 3-4; 
Invisible Children 3-4; Robotics 3-4 

Jonathan Shontz 


Wrestling 1-4; Robotics 1-4; 
Paintball Club 1-3 

feel like it was just yesterday when we all 
ere getting screamed at for terrorizing the 
:hool store. All we could say to each other 
as, "wait. ..we have a school store?" Our 
lass hasn't had the smoothest four years, but 
like it that way. We've brought in personality, 
:hool spirit, and a bit of obnoxiousness. I 
sally couldn't have asked for a better class to 
row up with. I want to personally thank every 
;acher that has put up with my non-stop 
hatter. You have all taught me so much, and 
ave truly helped me grow as a student, and 
s a person. To my friends, you've all brought 
ie to tears with laughter, and are always 
lere to support me. You are all incredible, 
nd I'm so lucky to have found such an 
mazing group of friends. Seniors, Norwell 
as been my home my whole life. You all 
ave made this small town worth my while, 
iood luck, I know you will all excel! To my 
icredible family: thank you for all the help 
long the way, regardless of how difficult I've 

"Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of 
your life. You must never miss the opportunity 
to tell these people how much they mean to 
you. " -Cheers 

To the rents: thank you for ALWAYS being 
there for me throughout any sitch and 
supporting me with whatever choices I make. 
I love you guys so much! Next up ALL MUH 
SINGLE LADIEZ!! PL's- I'm so lucky to have 
met you girls; you've been the best friends I 
could ever ask for. Thanks to all my other 
friends esp Seed and Paul, I've had the 
funniest/best times with you and you've been 
like family to me. Love you guys! Wifey-so 
redic we finally made it. I literally would've 
NEVER survived without you. You'll never be 
replaced; always & forever babe. Mr Browne, 
you've been like a second father to me, 
thanks for helping me inch by inch through 
high school. I'll miss you so much, words can't 
even begin to describe. ENOUGH OF THAT. 
SOCCAHLADIEZ: probs my best memories, 
you girls are amazing. Keep on being the 
sexiest team at NHS. ZAGGAZA! Lax- state 
champs, EATDAT. Love you! Crew09. Emo- 
best coach I could ask for, thank you! 
S3Nii0rZ deiz- good luck, I'll miss you all SO 

"Some say he isn't machine 
washable, and all his potted 
plants are called Steve. ..all we 
know is he's called the Stig. " 
-Top Gear 

I would like to thank all my 
friends and my family for being 
there when I needed you. Thanks 
for all the advice that you have 
given me when I needed it most. 
I would also like to thank my 
teachers for teaching me all they 
have and putting me on the path 
that I am now following. My years 
in Norwell have defined me as a 
person and I can't even imagine 
what it would be like anywhere 
else. I have had an awesome 
time in Norwell and I hope 
everyone else has too. 

Matthew Smith 

Hannah Sparks 

James Stack 

Matt, Matty, Smithers, Birdman 

Jim, Jimbo 

Golf 1-2; Spring Track and Field 1-4; 
Best Buddies 1-4; Chess Club 3-4; 
Latin Club 3-4 

"Imagination is more important than 
knowledge. Knowledge is limited. 
Imagination encircles the world. " 

-Albert Einstein 

'All life is an experiment. The more 
experiments you make the better " 

■Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"In three words I can sum up everything I've 
learned about life: it goes on. " 

-Robert Frost 

Class of 2010, it has been a great four 
years! Thanks to my parents for supporting 
me throughout my high school career. 
Sarah, thank you for all the help you have 
given me and I hope you have a great time 
continuing college. Abby you're going to 
have a lot of fun these next few years, so 
make them count. To all my teachers I really 
appreciate what you have done for me, and 
you definitely prepared me for college. 
Thanks again. 

Navigator 1-4; Mock Trial 1-4; 
Tennis 1 

"Be who you are and say what you feel, 
because those who mind don't matter 
and those who matter don't mind. " 

-Dr. Seuss 

"In between goals is a thing called life 
that has to be lived and enjoyed. " 

-Sid Caesar 

I just want to thank all the wonderful 
people who have been there for me 
throughout the past four years. First of 
all, Monn, you're my rock. Thanks for 
putting up with me for all these years; I 
don't know what I would have done 
without your constant love and support. 
To my friends (you know who you are), 
thanks for all the fun times, whether we 
were on an adventure or just being 
bored together; I'm going to miss your 
ridiculous, hysterical selves so much! 
Finally, best wishes to everyone in the 
class of 2010; I hope all of us find our 
own happiness and success in life, 
wherever it is life takes us. 

Football 1-2; Cross Country 4; 
Winter and Spring Track 1-4; 
Best Buddies 2-4; JSA 3-4; 
Navigator 3-4 

First I would like to thank nny family 
for being there for me through the 
good times and the bad. Mom and 
Dad you've been there for me and 
always supported me and put up 
with me through the good times and 
the bad. Catherine, you are not only 
a great sister but a great friend. You 
always are there to talk to (and 
never fail to tell me when you think I 
am wrong). Paul, we may not have 
always seen eye to eye on things bu 
when push comes to shove you've 
always got my back and always will. 
John, you are a crazy kid and have 
always kept us laughing keep it up 
but stay out of trouble! Grandma, at 
91 you left us too soon. You were ar 
inspirational person and nobody can 
ever replace you! And to my friends 
you all know who you are thanks for 
making high school such a thrilling 
experience. Good luck class of 
2010!! ! 


Devin Staples Michael Steele Ryan Taverna 

Chunk, Dstapes, Stapes The Deceiver Tavima, R-tav, Tavy, Littlefoot 

Wrestling 3-4; Football 4 ^Tel Ed%?N^LTrlsfd?no^^^^^^^ Wrestling 1 -4 (capt.); XC 1 -2; 

Latin Club 1-4; Vietnam '08 ' Spring Track 2-4 

would deeply like to thank my 
amily for watching over this 
Denevolent soul pushing me to 
he limits and showing me the 
Dest possible way for me to 
30. Without you I would not be 
lere today as well rounded as 

am now. Thank you to all the 
^JHS students and faculty that 
nave helped me through my 
:ough times. Best of luck to my 
Bxtended family, class of 

"Even though you can't expect to defeat the 
absurdity of the world, you must make that 
attempt. That's morality, that's religion. That's 
art. That's life. " - Phil Ochs 

"I say we paint ourselves with tiger stripes and 
go free all the animals in the zoo!" - Curly 

Tlianl<s to all the people I've hung out with, 
you guys made my time here pretty 
entertaining. I'll miss all those nights spent in 
basements watching movies with you guys. 
Tommy, you really should be thanking me, but 
still we've had some good times. Nam '08, 
definitely the most fun summer ever. My 
family, you guys are cool, too. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for always giving me everything I 
need and for working so hard to make me 
happy. Stew and Kelsey, thanks for always 
being there to hang out with and for setting an 
example. To everyone, I've enjoyed all your 
company these 12 years, it's been a lot of fun. 
Congratulations on making it this far, and 
good luck with whatever you may do next. 

Thanks to all my teachers and 
friends you made going to NHS 
awesome. Good luck to Jack, Jon, 
Justin, Brad, Nick, Mike, Marty, 
Smurf, Chase, Jane, Ben, Heidi, 
DanDan, Ed, Chris, James, Evan, 
and my brother Eric. Also Thanks to 
everyone else I did not say there are 
just way too many. Mom and Dad, 
much love without you guys I would 
not be where I am. 

"The brick walls are not there to 
keep us out, the brick walls are there 
to give us a chance to show how 
badly we want something. " 

-The Last Lecture 

Trent Taylor 

Trent, Trenticles, T'babes 

Football 1-2; 
Winter Track 1-4 (capt.); 
Spring Track 1-4 (capt.) 

"Man is the sum of his actions, 
of what he has done, of what 
he can do; nothing else. " 

-Mahatma Gandhi 

Zachariah Tehran! 

Swimming 3-4; Football 1-3; Track 2; 
Boxing; Robotics 

"It's only after you've lost 
everything that you're free to 
do anything." -Tyler Durden 

I want to start off by thanking 
my parents for everything; Thank you to t 

always putting up with me and mom, my dad, 
being there to support my aunt. Thar 

whatever I was doing. And friends Shane 
Sarah you're the best sister Ms. Schad, He 
anyone could want. And I want everyone else 
to thank my friends for always 
being there for me and for 
each other; for the Great Trek, 
tacos on the beach, The 
Tracks, Scituate and all the 
other good times-thanks. 
Good luck 2010. 

Thank you to my family, my 
mom, my dad, my sisters and 
my aunt. Thank you to my 
friends Shane, Steve, Nick, 
Ms. Schad, Herm, and 

Andrew Thomson 

Thompy, A-Thom, Thomson, A-Ta 

Lacrosse 1 ; Band 1-4; 

Boy Scouts 1 -4; 
Snowboard Club 1,2,4 

"Losers make Excuses, Winners I 
make it happen. " 

-Bubba Sparxxx 

Well first off I want to thank my mom 
and brother; I would not be who I am 
without you. Mom, thanks for all the 
times of making me do my 
homework when I would 
procrastinate more than anything. 
Nick, whether if we have our heads 
under the hood of one of our cars or 
just sitting doing nothing playing 
Xbox, I knew you were always there 
for me. Throughout all the tough 
times my mom, brother and I have 
pushed through and stayed on track 
moving on in life. I could not have 
done this without either of you. I'd 
also like to thank my grandparents 
for being there every step of the 
way; thank you. Last but not least, 
I'd like to thank all my friends too for 
all the good nights and good times 
we have had with each other. Thank 
you everyone and as for the class of 
2010 good luck! 

Ryan Tierney 

Nicholas Titelbaum 

Maria Tsel<erls 

Robotics 3-4; Pep Band 4 

"Think like a queen. A queen is not 
afraid to fail. Failure is another 
steppingstone to greatness" 

-Oprah Winfrey 




ind I 
u for 

r your 
h an 
iss of 

Congratulations Class of 2010! 
Tfiank you for tfie past 12 years and 
good luck in the future! To nny 
friends, thank you for supporting me 
and being there through everything. I 
do not know what I would do without 
you! 143! Thank you especially to 
my family. Regardless of all my 
complaining and difficultness you 
have always been there and loved 
me. Mom, you have been the best 
support and Inspiration I could ever 
ask for in life. Anastasia and Nick 
good luck in the school years to 
come and of course always 
remember I'm only a phone call 
away and that I love you! Thank you 

Kara Umbro 

James Vafiades 

Alexis Waitekaitis 

"It'll be fine, act confident. " 


Thank you to the teachers, I've 
learned a lot. Thanks to 
guidance for helping us all get 
our college stuff orginized. 
And finally thanks to my 
friends and family for helping 
me through the past four 

Thanks to everyone, except 
for the people I don't like. You 
know who you are. 

I would like to thank my mom 
and dad first. Thank you for 
always being there when I 
needed something and for 
always supporting me even if 
you didn't always agree. I 
would also like to thank all of 
my friends for making these 
past four years of high school 
so fun. It wouldn't have been 
the same without all of you. 
Good luck class of 2010. 

Andrew Walsh 

Golf Team 2; Mock Trial 2,4 

Life is too important to be taken seriously." 
- Oscar Wilde 

t s been a long road to this point but we're 
inally here. I'd like to thank my friends for 
ilways being there and not leaving (even 
vhen you probably should have). Drew- 
■ou've been a great friend and I'll never forget 
hat. David, you've always stuck by my side 
ind I hope our future has many more good 
imes ahead. Caroline, you always put me in a 
letter mood and make me laugh with your 
Dkes... no matter how corny. And Shawna, 
hank you for believing in me through all the 
)S. Most importantly, I'd like to thank my 
)arents for never giving up on me and 
)ushing me in the right direction. Thanks 
Tlum for the constant support, and always 
-ying your hardest to show you care. Dad, 
'ou probably won't believe it's me saying this 
)ut thanks for keeping me on the straight and 
larrow, and giving me advice I can share with 
ny kids. Good luck to the class of 2010 and 
Jon't forget where you came from. 

John Ward 

Wardie, John ward 

Soccer 2-3; Robotics 1-4; 
Spring Track 2 

"The bravest are surely those who have the 
clearest vision of what is before them, glory 
and danger alike, and yet not withstanding, go 
out and meet it. " 


"What you have to do and the way you have 
to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are 
willing to do it is another matter " 

-Peter F. Drucker 

I'd like to say thank you to all my teachers 
past and present. They have all helped me 
get where I am today. I'd especially like to 
thank Herm for being such an awesome 
teacher and for writing me a recommendation 
for the USCG Academy summer program. 
Also, thank you to Mr. Goniatis and Ms. 
Gilmore for writing college recommendations 
for me. I'd also like to thank my family, 
especially my mom, for helping me throughout 
my life and especially during my high school 
years. You helped change my life in ways that 
there are no words to thank you enough. 
Thank you to my friends for making my high 
school years some of the best! 

Curtis Webb 

Curt, Lurt, Mcgurt, Lurtopotomous 

Soccer 1-4; Ski Team 3-4; 
Spring Track 1-4; 
Invisible Children 3-4 

"Life passes most people by while 
they're busy making grand plans for it. " 

-George Jung 

Thank you to everyone who has helped 
me in tiie past 4 years, I couldn't have 
done it without you. Thanks to the bros 
(senior dudes) for all the good times, 
many more to come. Mom and Dad, you 
always knew what was right for me and it 
paid off. You were always there to 
support me at games and in school. 
Words can't express how grateful I am. 
Thanks Gretch for always being there for 
me. Heather, you always listened to me, 
even if I wouldn't listen to you. I couldn't 
have asked for a better big sister. 
Thanks to Pedro and Roxie for being 
great dogs. Good luck to you and the 
rest of the class of '1 1 next year. And 
last but not least, good luck and thanks 
to the class of 2010, it's been fun. 

Justin Weintraub 

J-Wein, Jwein, J- Wheezy 

Football 1 -4; Robotics Team 2-4; 
Student Government 3 

Ruth Westergard 

Diving 3-4 

Chadwick Whitcher 

Ceej, C-Whitch, Whitchcraft' 

Football 1-4; Robotics 1-4; 

NHS 3-4 ' 

"Remember who you are. " 

-Mufasa, Lion King 

"We will be perfect in every aspect of thie 
game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You 
miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. 
You fumble tfie football, and I will break my 
foot off in your John Brown hind parts and 
then you will run a mile. Perfection. " 

-Coach Boone, Remember the Titans 

I know everyone says it and I promised myse 
I wouldn't say it, but these four years really d( 
fly by. As fast as it may seem, I can't say I 
have any regrets or anything I wish I could 
have changed. Mom and Dad, thank you so 
much for pushing through everything. I know 
wasn't easy but I think we can all agree that i 
was worth it in the long run. To all of my 
teachers, especially Herm, Kwol, Ms. 
Plassmann, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Nycz, thank 
you for being there to help me with anything 
from homework to fixing my car. To all of my 
friends, thank you all for making these past 
four years some of the best of my life. I know 
this isn't the end of the road for any of us and 
I can't wait until our paths cross again. Thank 
you again to everybody who helped me get tc 
where I am today, you all definitely made high 
school an easier experience for me. 
Congratulations, Class of 2010, I can't wait to 
see you all again later on! 

I want to thank my family, 
Mom and Dad and Alissa for 
all of the support and help 
though the years. I also want 
to thank the football team and 
robotics team for everything 
they've done. Thanks guys. 

Thank you. Two words that 
say so much. Dad, Mom, and 
Riley you've always been 
there for me. Eliza you're the 
best sister I could ever have. 
Jessie, take advantage of 
every opportunity and don't let 
anything pass you by. 
Catherine, stay strong girl. 
Julia, you make me laugh. 
Erin, I don't know what I would 
do without you. Ms. Criss, 
thanks for listening. To all my 
friends, I wouldn't choose to 
go through high school with 
anyone else. Congratulations 
class of 2010. 

I would like to thank all of my 
friends, The Crew. Thank you 
Ms. Gilmore for supporting me 
during my junior year. Thank 
you to Ms. Fox and the 
Norwell High School swim 
team, thank you Danny C. for 
inspiring me and believing in 
me throughout my first season 
on swim team. Thank you Mr. 
Marani for putting up with me 
two years in a row. I wish 
everyone luck in the future 
and I hope to remain in touch 
with you all. 

"Look for the rainbow in every storm, find out 
for certain, loves gonna be there for you- 
you'll always be someone's baby" 

-Spice Girls 

If I listed all the names of people I'd like to 
thank, the names would be flowing off the 
page! I have to thank everyone for making 
these four years EPIC. First and foremost, 
more than thank you to my wonderful family 
(you all know who you are!) Victoria Pagnini, 
Thank you for being my sister and my second 
home. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do 
without you or your kitchen. Camryn Shaw, 
Thank you for letting me stalk you throughout i 
high school. Thank you for stalking other 
people with me and I hope we continue to 
stalk together. All my friends, seriously, I can't 
even count the amount of crazy adventures 
we've been on, how many times we've cried 
to each other, or made each other laugh. You 
guys are my family and I love you guys more 
than life... I know you all know who you are. I'll 
get emotional to you guys in a separate letter 
because there's way too much to say about all 
of you here! Thanks so much to the class of 
2010! You're all amazing individuals. And last 
but not least, Thank you to the NHS faculty, 
for none of this would be possible without 
them! Can't wait to see where everyone's at m 
10 years! P S. Camryn Shaw. ..checks. 

Dominic Wooten 

Dommy Woots, 
The Real Deal. Woots. 
Wooty Tang 

Basketball 1 -4; Football 1 -4 

I would first like to thank my mom 
and dad. Mom, you've helped me 
everyday to become a better person. 
Dad, thank you for helping me 
become a man. Zach and Brianna, I 
hope you both have a great time 
while I'm away at college. I know the 
house won't be as entertaining 
without me. Thank you to all of my 
friends. I hope you all have a fun, 
safe, and successful time wherever 
you go. Mr. Willis and Mr. Sullivan, 
you two have helped me become a 
better person on and off the field. 
Thank you Mr. Willis for the long 
chats and helping me out. Mr. 
Sullivan, thank you for showing me 
what Norwell Football is all about. 
Lauren, thank you for everything. 
Ever since I met you, you've been 
there for me. You are a great person 
and an even better friend. Thank you 
all and God bless. 

Zachary Zanengo 

Zanangs, Zanangi, ZZ Top, Dub Z, 
Double Z, Rex Grossman, Ichiro 

Winter Track 1-4; 
Spring Track; 1-4; Golf 1-2; 
Football 4 

"/ want to be a professional 
trombonist, I don't know how to play 
trombone, but that's my dream 

- Chris Geany 

I just want to say thanks to all of my 
friends, family and teachers. Thanks 
Gabi and Healy for setting good 
examples and being good friends. 
Thanks Dad for always being there 
and fully supporting me in everything 
I've ever had even a minor interest 
in. Most of all, thanks Mom for 
everything you've ever done, and I 
can't wait for you to make me 
quesadillas when I come home from 
college. Thanks to all my teachers 
for always pushing me to do my 
best. And of course thanks to all the 
bros, you've all been great friends, 
and we've had some really great 
times, and I can't wait until summer 

Senior Oaw 

Friday March 19th 


"And hore we go. Life's waifa'ng 
to begin"- Angels and AinA/aves 

Throughout the 

"I want to run through 
the halls of my high 
school, I want to 
scream at the top of my 




March nth 

^ 1 A J 



1 IVI I 


Senior Favorites 

t; JshmvZ J^s^ii ^ki^if^ 
SfH^feT Hoinjni P©tte)r 
fV/^f^ ci^fvmii^vi phifOMZ "Sick 

eioss of 2010i\tfh^ do you see 
yoursdf in 10 years? 


3ucceeefu\ and 
owr\mQ a Rar\Qe 
-Claire Preble 

"Living la vida 
loca. " 

-Tommy Dwyer 

"Married to a 
super bott wife." 
-Ryan l?eary 

"In Hawaii:)" 
-Lily Cyr 

"Aarried to a 
Wiclced hott rich ^uy, 
living in a huge 
hou/e, coaching lax, 
with gorgeou/ 
children and two 

-Kate Aacdonald 

"Married witlvchildren. 
-Lucas Nigro 

whether or not I 
actually want to 
go to the 
Probably in 
-Nicky Caira 

"I mnt to be sapdsecL as long as I am dofng something I 
love \Mth people I care about then I mil be happy * 
^^marvla Curley 

-Colin G 

-violin v^unning 



— riiB9« 









w i 


INC. I W) J 1888 



The math team competes in division four of the Southeastern Ma^saci^etts 
Mathematics League. Other schools in our division are Cohasset, Hingnam, Notre 
Dame, Scituate, and Weymouth. This year Norwell won three of the four division 
meets and placed first overall, earning an invitation to the playoffs. Coach Mary-Ellen^ 
Connor said, "A highlight of the season was scoring over 100 points, including a 
perfect 24 points in the team round, at meet 3. The students worked really hard at 
practice, especially for the trig and team rounds and it paid off." The mathletes earned 
their third consecutive Division Four Champions trophy. 

There are several other opportunities for math students to challenge themselves. In 
October, seven students took part in the Olympiad. High scorers were Alex Henning 
and Pete MacDonald. Each month students have the chance to participate in NEML 
and in February there is the American Mathematics Competition, which is given at 
two levels AMCIO and AMC12. In 2010 thirty-four students participated. 



ational Honor 

Mock Trial 

Back row: Mr. Thomas, Isabella Abelk, Pat Hill, Jim Stack, Corhin Foucart, 
Nathan Kingston, Hannah Sparks, Mr. Goniatis;Front Row: Siobhan Murphy, 
Catherine Stack, Madison Willis, Steven McClelland, Ahmed Ziad, Billion 
Fit2;gerald, Kristina Glberti, Mikayla Luciw . 

Mock Trial is a club that selects realisitic cases and puts them on trial, where each 
member is a participant in some way. This seasons case involved proving 
investment fraud and the recovery of damages related to the investment. The 
Mock Trial team 's season ended with a yi record after an extremely close loi-ioi 
loss to Hull The team was led by captains Mikayla Luciw and Hannah Sparks 
and coached by John Goniatis and Norwell attorney Gary Thomas. 


The Navigator 

Coniior M^rfonalcf 
)w: Tiffany 


The Norwell Navigator publishes five issues per year 
of the high school newspaper. We are always 
ooking for photographers, writers, reporters, and 
people to learn how to lay the pages. 

Chess CluP 

The 2009-2010 Norv 
High School Champioh is 
Corbin Foucart. Nathan 
Kingston was 2nd and Alex 
Titlebaum was 3rd. 







Back Row: Patrick Brimingham, Jim Stack, Frank Patarino, Adam Donoghue, 

Joe Carroll; 

Front Row: Arianna Cash, Alexanderia Psota, Rachel Carrillo, Rebecca Hathaway, 

and Grace O'Hara 

Student Government is one of Norwell Hi^h 
School's largest and most productive dubs. 
Student Government rune many social and 

academic events and fundraisers 
throughout the year. Student Government 

successfully promotes school spirit by 
orqanvnnq Spirit Week and the Clipper Cup 
PepKally. Student Government meets 
monthly as a whole and each ^rade holds 
seperate class meetings. Mrs. Plassmann 
and Mrs. Whiting are the teacher advisors. 

Freshmen Class Officers 
Luke Macdonald. Owen Wiggins, Isabella Abelite 
and Annie Joseph 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Allie Weiler, Patrick Birmingham, Greg 
Butler and Leah Smith 

Junior Class Officers 
Nick Daly, Julia DiMartinis, Marykate 
Hines. Liam Dennigan and Matt Kelley 

Senior Class Officers 
Hilary Wiggins. Matt Kwasnik, Ashley Donlan, 
Reisecca Hathaway and Kara O'Connell 

The Great Debate: 
Junior Statesmen of America 

Junior Statesmen of America 
is a club where students debate and 
discuss current controversial topics chosen by 
the group each week. The club also 
travels to the Fall, Winter, and Spring 
State Conventions in different parts 
of New England. JSA is led by President Jon 
Gacicia, Vice President Aisling Williams, 
Treasurer Ahmed Ziad,Secretary Matt Kwasnik,and 
Publicist Kelly Fleming. Mr. Goniatis is the advisor. 

ckie D^i 


Pasada,De\'in Lott 
G»cicia,Aisliilg W 

dsen,Ahmed Ziad, 
. Jinif Stack,RacH 
rhand,Matt Kwas 
ams, Kelly Flemi 

The Fourth Wall Players began the 
school year w/ith Meil Simon's Brighton 
9each Memiors: the story of a 
Depression-era family in Brooklya For 
the winter season, the Fourth Wall 
Players produced three plays: The 
Shallow End. A Coupla 9imbos Sittin' 
Around Talkin'. and febbit Mde. Their 
entry into the Massachusetts Migh' 
School Drama Guild competition. David 
Lindsay-Abaire's Rabbit Mole deals with 
various ways of coping with loss. The 
Fourth Wall Rayers moved on to the 
semifinal round, marking director Chris 
Lacy's eighth year doing so. With the 
help of many new members, most of 
whom were drawn from the new 
Acting/Public Speaking class, the 
Fourth Wall Players had another great 

Back Row: Chandler Anthony, Meaghan Lynch, Lauren Connaughton, Kim Baranowski, 
Kelsey Wheeler; Front Row: Aria Benzaquin, VyVy Larason, Emma Ray, Jill Skinner, and 

Michaela Bucca 

The Gay-Straight Alliance club meet to discuss the rights of all 
minorities. Every year they hold Day of Silence when people do not 
speak all day to raise awareness of social issues. They also try and go 
to as many rallies for equal rights as possible to show their support. 
The work they have put into this club has brought attention to 
important social issues of our time. 

Front Row: Lexi DeMarco, Brooke Alman, Katelyn Thompson, Krista Prouty, Caroline 
Barry; Second Row: Pat Collins, Dan Regan, Doug Kauff, Curtis Webb, Derek Cyr, 
Ahmed Ziad, Nick Titelbaum; Third Row: A.J. DeBenedictus, Nick Daley, Michael Day, 
David Regan, Joe Mazzeo, Brett Bernard, Tom Koch, Liam Dennigan; Fourth Row: Liz 
Driscoll, Michaela Nichols, Julia Napolitano, Maeve Dennigan, Laura Ferzoco, Devon 
Lotterhand, Rachel Wolfson, Kristina Gilberti, Mikayla Luciw, Hope Goslin, Bobby 
Stravinsky; Back Row: Conor Kane, Pat Kelly, Liz Dwyer, Julia Napolitano, Lily Cyr, 
Ashley Donlan, Claire Preble, Cory Conley, Amanda Marchetti, Kathleen Doyle. 

Amhesty Interhatiohal is a worldwide movemeiit of people who 
campaign for ihternationally recognized human rights for all. The 
supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope 
for a better world - so they work to improve human rights through 
campaigning and international solidarity. 

'^ome \oi3%ef d^l mow ooe^" me' 

ij^fo^fAiM, Iw ofd^ to promote ^Mrow»H<?MUl AWAfi^ii^^. Tli/Jij m^l Tkur^d^ij 

Back Row: Mr. Kowalski, Matt Argiro, Eric Kuehn, CJ Whitcher, Zach Tehrani, Chris 
Mines, Sean D'Ambrosia, Alex Henning, Evan Barger, Andrew Lunn, Mr. Herman 
Middle Row: Nick Tsekeris, Katie Gilroy, Alex Ouellet, Noel Recchia, Sarah Ciardi, 
Joe Lynch, Joey McGlinchey, Grant Cabell, Frank White 

Front Row: Nevin Recchia, Tiffany D'Souza, Maria Tsekeris, Tom Vafiades, Brian 

Team 348 was founded in 1999 at Norwell High School in Norwell, MA. For 
the last 11 years the team has been involved in all aspects of the FIRST 
organization from building to competing to mentoring. Starting with only 

twelve participants, there are now over forty-five. Throughout our ten 
successful seasons, the team has traveled to over 10 states to compete and 
have brought home over 15 awards ranging from leadership to robot quality 

to champion. 

Freshmen Field Hockey 

As one of the first freshmen field hockey teanns to grace 
Norwell's fields, full of enthusiasnn and spirit the girls took 

on bigger teams. Such as, Duxbury, Hingham and 
Hanover. Coach Sarah Hopkins was impressed with the 

girls and feels they will have a lot to offer in years to 


Freshmen Football 

The freshmen football team had a great season! Full of 
determination and promise, these freshmen boys put their 
hearts and souls into the game. Led by quarterback Luke 
Macdonald and coached by Mr. Bradshaw, the boys played 
competitively on the football field. 

Freshmen Girls' Soccer 

As the first season with a Freshmen Girls' Soccer 
Team, these girls did a great job. They played 
competively throughout the season and should 
be proud of their excellent year. Hopefully, future 
freshmen teams can learn from the high standard 
these girls set and continue to improve into great 
soccer players. 

ning, Tori Dinger, Gabi 
Vernalha.Megan Mahoney, Alison Conley, Jordan Livingston, 

D^von Croke, Abby Fx)i(icart; jVliddie Rovy: Maddie Eaves, 
Annie McCord, Jess Riley; daitlynn Mfjrphy, Courtne?y Sniith; 
Front Row: Courtney Hudgins, Maddie Ward, C^sey Fisher, 
Madison Maduri, Holly Weiler. Margret Hayes 

JV Field Hockey 

Back Row: Abby Smith, Shealyn Lonergan, Ashley Allington, Ally 
Detweiler, Tori Moore, Hannah Hayes, Grace Moore 
Middle Row: Christina Cronin, Talia Macauley, Pearl Williams, 
Meghan Callahan, Julie Chessia, Mary Kate Hines, Kelly Harrington, 
Martha Bogaty; Front Row: Bethany Lynch, Faith Morgan, Gretchen 
Gallagher, Alexis Hilson, Christina Burns, Kelly Traft, Guiliana 


The JV Field Hockey 
girls had a great 
season! The ladies 
played teams such as; 
Pembroke, Harwich and 
Scituate. They were a 
forced to be reckoned 
with on the fields. The 
girls had a big win over 
East Bridgewater, which 
was very impressive. 
The girls will definately 
have a lot to offer the 
team next year. 

Girls' JV Soccer 

Every year the Norwell 
Girls' JV Soccer team 
dominates their league; 
and this year was no 
exception. The 2009 
team was compressed 
of Freshmen, 
Sophomores, and 
Juniors. With lots of 
experience, they were 
able to shut out many 
teams and beat almost 
all of their apponents. 

Back Row: Coach Norton, Catherine Erickson, Rachel Anderson, Tessa DeMarco, 
Averie Cox, Meaghan Dwyer, Julia DIMartinis, Amanda Marchetti, Michaela Nichols, 

Kelly Kramer, Hannah Dardinski, Mary O'Connell 
Middle Row: Mary Ferzoco, Grace Gunning, Maeve Dennigan, Kasey Studley, Leah 
Smith, Lauren Burke, Rachel Talanian, Emily Cipriano, Callie Kent 
Front Row: Brianna Luciw 

Boys' JV Soccer 

The Boys' JV Soccer team had a successful season and 
enjoyed the company and competition that each player 
brought to the field. They all played hard during each game 
and left it all out on the field. The team should be very happy 
with their year and look forward to next fall! 



Back Row: Kyle Freeman, Brian Gunning, Peter Marchetti, Tom Wilson, Brian 
Hickey, Tom OToole, Coach Trenger, Billy Sewel, Matt Barry, Matt Cibotti, John 
Fisher, Ryan Hanlon, Pat Birmingham; Front Row: Signey Ejech, Brian Spillane, 

James Arnold, George Robbie, Zack Good, Zach Wooten, Ben Gordon, Sean 

O'Sullivan, Aidan Roach 

Boys' Cross Country 

"It was an amazing turn 
around seaon from last 
year's 1-5 record to this 
years 7-0 record. The 
young team should 
continue to improve 
over the following 

-Senior Captain Pete 

Back Row: Robbie Carney, Tyler Price, Wilton Childs, Michael Day, 
Dennis Hearns, Chris Largent, Owen Wiggins, Jack Harrington, Coach 
Chuck Martin, Middle Row: Joey McGlinchey, Greg Butler, Tom Vafiades, 
Steven McClelland, Jake Montoya, James DiGregorio, Grant Cabell 
Front Row: Pat Hathaway, Pete Bailey, Derek Cyr, Jim Stack, Evan 


Girls' Cross Country 

"This year, the Girls' Cross 
Country Team did a great job! 
We managed to beat out our main 
rival, East Bridgewater, by 4 
points. We all worked extremely 
hard to stay undefeated and do 
our best every time. In every 
workout and practice each girl 
gave 110%. This year was tough, 
but so rewarding and we made 
some amazing friends along the 
way. I know that next year's team 
will work really hard and that you 
all will have a great season. I'm 
truly proud to call each of you a 
teammate, I will never forget you 

-Senior Captain Shannon 

Back Row: Ms. Arnold, Sarah Ciardi, D'Anna Mayers, Catherine Stack, 
Victoria Freehill, Liz Driscoll, Emily Kuhn, Mary Gogarty, Kathy Callahan, 
Jamie Tobin, Meagan Carmody, Diana Chen, Coach Martin, Middle 
Row: Abigail Callahan, Siobhan Murphy, Vanessa Lyie, Morgan 
Gallagher, Rachel Kelly, Rachel Wolfson, Liz Hurley, Hannah Wolfson, 
Isabella Abelite, Front Row: Katie Howard, Shannon Ferguson, Emily 
Palmer, Sarah Palmer, Rebecca Hathaway 

Varsity Cheerleading 

Led by captains Vikki 
Pagnini and Maeve Shea, 
the cheerleading team 
enjoyed another successful 
fall season. With a new 
coach, the team was 
pushed to perfection. The 
23 members overcame 
many obstacles, including 
troublesome injuries. 
Regardless, they were still 
able to end the season on a 
high note, placing 3rd in the 
South Shore League. 

Back Row: Kylie Coffey, Courtney Pyle, Victoria Gacicia, Laura Kardol<, 
Ali Conti, Linnea Houde, McKenzie Cunniff, Arianna Cash, Kelsey 
Murray, Shirin Tehrani 
Middle Row: Alicia Reggianninni, Catherine Smith, Tayla Kelly, Samatha 

Geary, Jenna Berg, Madi Willis, Gayle Foley 
Front Row: Amanda Curley, Sarah Harding, Jayme Yen, Vikki Pagninni, 
Maeve Shea, Laura Farinick 

Varsity Football 

Norwell's former Football Glory is on 
it's way back to restoration. After a 6- 
5 campaign The Clippers season was 
full of excitement and drama. 
Captains Dan Regan, Dom Wooten 
and A.J DeBenedictis, who were also 
SSL All-Stars, lead clippers to more 
wins than last year. Although Norwell 
lost the Thanksgiving Game, Coach 
Al Kassatly was sent off with a bang. 
Coach K has been coaching Norwell 
Football for 43 years and has been 
one of the faces of Nora/ell Football. 
Chris Greene won the Offensive 
Player award, Paul Donovon won the 
Defensive Player award and A.J. 
DeBenedictis won the Coaches 
SULLIVAN. Good luck to next years 

Front Row: Tim Breen, A.J. DeBenedictis, Dan Regan, Dom Wooten; Second Row: Paul 
Donovan, C.J. Whitcher, Pat Barrett, Pat Johnston, Ryan Deary, Colin Duffney, Mike 
Fanning, Wes Linehan; Third Row: Chris Greene, Matt Kwasnik, Adrian Chavez, Zak 
Zanengo, Ryan Vaughn, Chase Marr, Devin Staples, Anthony DeMatteo, Dillon Fitzgerald, 
Jeremy Buckley; Fourth Row: Jonathan McNamee, Chris McGrath, Tom Garvey, Tyler Hilson, 
Evan O'Meara, Matt Lauria, David Regan, Nick Daley, Harry Detwiler, Justin Welntraub; Fifth 

Row: Paul Stack, Kiernan Beal, Dan Allen, Viktor Stanley, Matthew Michalklewicz, Will 
Waters, Riley Sheehan, Sean Staples, Joe Riccuti, Jake Webber; Back Row: Coach Willis, 
Coach Kassatly, Coach Sullivan, Coach Lucerelli, , Brian Devilly, Cormac Garvey, Mickey 
MacGillivray, Hugh Hillstrand, Ian O'Shaughnessy, John Jensen 

Varsity Golf 

"The golf team had a great season 
this year finishing up with a 7-3-2 
record. The team was made up of all 
seniors and one junior bringing a lot 
of experience and camaraderie to the 
team. Unfortunately, we fell short of 
the league title that has been won 
almost every year in the last decade. 
Still, we kept our head high, fought 
through the losses, ate a lot of BK, 
and finished up a very fun and 
enjoyable season. I would like to 
thank Coach Camo and all the 
parents that helped out in the season. 
Also, good luck to next year's team 
which will be led by Mike Locke." 

-Senior Captain Eric Scott 

Back Row: Andrew Lunn, Kevin Quinn, Matt Argiro, Shane 


Front Row: Parker Merritt, Eric Scott, Doug Kauff, Micheal 


Varsity Field Hockey 

Back Row: Meg Cavano, Colleen Fitzgibbons, Olivia 
Borque, Nicole Harper, Kellie Thurston, Sam Spraque, Julia 
Napolitano, Rachel Lynch. Middle Row: Grace O'Hara, 
Alyssa Gunville, Chappie Scheller, Jackie Daniel, Kelly 
Hudgins, Hannah McGowen and Chloe Coggins. Front Row: 
Ailish Dennigan, Molly Cox, Liz Dwyer, Caroline Barry, Chloe 

"This was our best season 
in the past four years. Every 
minute was fun and 
competitve with such an 
amazing group of girls. 
Everyone really came 
together to make the 
season as much fun as 
possible. We really couldn't 
have asked for a better 
senior seaseon." 

-Senior Captains Liz Dwyer 
and Julia Napolitano 

Boys' Varsity Soccer 

"The Boys soccer team had 
another winning season, leading 
them into the MIAA Division 2 
Tournament, moving up from 
Norwell's regular Division 3 
status. As the smallest school in 
the tournament Norwell fell 
short in the first round. The 
team was led by senior captains 
Phil Johnson, Curtis Webb, and 
Pat Collins. All three were South 
Shore All-Stars as well as 
Ahmed Ziad. The clippers 
enjoyed their successful season 
and would like to say thanks to 
all the managers, coaches and 
parents that helped them to 
achieve what they did. Good 
luck next year!" 
-Captain Pat Collins 

Back Row: Coach Grier, Brad Prouty, Ben McTigue, Bobby Stravinsky, 
Nick Papadonis, Mike Bellavalqua, Colin Kelly, Tom Koch, Kevin 
Lawernce, Joe Mazzeo, Laim Dennigan, Brendan Kennedy, Coach 
Browne, Andrew Lawson; Front Row: Paul Bohan, Colin Gunning, Pat 
Collins, Phil Johnson, Curtis Webb, Tim Healy, Jake Campell 

Girls' Varsity Soccer 

Back Row: Coach Emerson, Kellie Duffy, Ali Weiler, Caitlin Collins, 
Lexl DeMarco, Krista Prouty, Brooke Alman, Darci Vierra, Molly 
Lodigianni, Laura Ferzoco, Ali DeBenedictis, Sam Casey, Bridget 
Conway, Assistant Coach Norton; Front Row: Laura Dargon, Haley 
DeMarco, Jenna Frehill, Jill Sheeran, Hillary Kitchen, Cory Conley, 
Kara O'Connell, Ashley Donlan, Kate Macdonald 

In the 2009 fall season, the 
girls varsity soccer team 
finished with a 17-1-2 
record. They won the South 
Shore League with an 
undefeated record of 14-0. 
Throughout the season, the 
girls allowed only 8 goals to 
be scored against them. 
Their first loss came in the 
final game of the season 
against Millis in the South 
Sectional Semi Final game 
wth a score of 3-0. The 
team will lose 9 seniors who 
will all be greatly missed. 


Thursday, November 26 2009 



Girls' Freshman Basketball 

The Girls' Freshman Basketball Team started the year off strong 
coming up with a big win against Rockland High School. Over the 
season the team went through changes as players were called up 
to JV. Under a great coaching staff, the team enjoyed a fun and 
successful season! The future looks bright for the next few years of 

Girls' Basketball. 

Boys' Freshman Basketball 

After starting slow and losing two close games, the Boys' Freshman 
Basketball team came back to win over Abington in a high scoring and tight 
game. With Mr. T as their coach, the team had lots of fun at practice and 
even challenged the Girls' Varisty Basketball team in a close scrimmage. 
There were many talented players on the team and the next years only look 

positive for Boys' Basketball. 

Girls' JV Basketball 

"The JV girls basketball 
team had a successful 
season finishing 15-3. The 
girls beat every team at 
least once with the most 
exciting win over Abington. 
The girls played well 
together all season and 
never gave up during 
games when they were 
down. After 18 games, the 
team was very happy with 
how far they had come 
since their first game." 
-Kelly Hudgins 

••uavc uunrnm 
ara BB5 Hi? 

1987 OH 

am SB 

I »»iiiianj 

Back Row: Mary O'Connell, Brianna Gentry, Fran 
Bellofatto, Leah Smith, Alicia Reggiannini, Coach 
DiTomaso; Middle Row: Ashley Allington, Sarah Orleman, 
Bridget Conway, Eliza Westergard; Front Row: Rachel 
Talanian, Grace Gunning, and Emily Cipriano. 

Boys' JV Basketball 

Back Row: Joe McNamee, T.J. Dakin, Brett 
Morgan, Peter Marchetti, Bill Sewell, Brendan 
McGreenery; Middle Row: Dennis Kulka, Patrick 
Barret, Brian Devilley, Matt Michalkiewicz; Front 
Row: Brendan O'Conner 

The JV boys basketball team had a great season 
this year. They started off the season with a big win 
against Mashpee with a score of 37-33. The team 
worked hard and played well together all season and 
have a promising future for playing more great 

seasons to come. 

Girls' Varsity Basketball 

"Our record doesn't reflect 
the talent of our team. We 
finished the season 9-1 1 , 
missing the tournament by 
one game. Although our 
outcome was not as good 
as we hoped, we all became 
very close and had so much 
fun. The seniors on our 
team have been playing 
together since 5th grade 
and that bond will stay 
forever. The underclassmen 
stepped up so much this 
year and I have no doubt 
the seasons to come will be 
-Senior Captain Kc Lewis 

Back Row: Mel Riley, Kathleen Doyle, Leah Kelly, Brenna 

Diggins, Ryanne Williams, KC Lewis, Brooke Alman, 
Coach Marani; Middle Row: Lexi Bates, Alii DeBenedictis, 
Cory Conley, Hilary Kitchen, Kelly Hudgins; Front Row: 
Kara O'Connell, Darci Vierra, and Cara Capaldo 

Boys' Varsity Basketball 

William T. K( 

Back Row: Paul Bohan, Dan Regan, Tom Cooke, Kit 
Miller; Middle Row: Keegan Allyharian, Brian Lahiff, 
Paul Donovan, Brian Moore; Front Row: David 
Regan, and Tommy Dwyer 

"We had high expectations 
going into the year having 
eight seniors on the team 
and we ended up having a 
great year finishing 18-2. 
We made the tournament as 
the fourth seed and won a 
game against Norton 
continuing to the second 
round. Although we are 
graduating eight players I 
have faith in next years 
seniors and the 
underclassmen to have 
another very successful 

-Senior Captain Brian 

* ■ 

Girls' Track 


The girls track team had a 
slow start but worked 
together to end the season 
strong. They always pushed 
their hardest and ran in any 
conditions. With more hard 
work and endurance they 
are sure to have another 
great season next year. 

Back Row: Ailish Dennigan, Silvia Seminara, Megan Carmody, Julie 
Chessia, Jaclyn McBain, Morgan Gallagher, Christina Cronin, Hannah 
McGinnis, Emily Bernard, Hannah Getto, Nina Burns, Coach Martin; 
Middle Row: Callie Spall, Holly Weiler, Kelly Traft, Rachael Wolfson, Liz 
Driscoll, Madelynne McCauley, Julianne Mariano, Annie Joseph, Alii 
Weiler, Talia Macauley; Front Row: Casey Studley,Bethany Lynch, 
Emma Newby, D'Anna Mayers, Abigail Callahan, Allie Detwiler, Averie 
Cox, and Shannon Ferguson. 



Boys' Track 

Back Row: Brian Hickey, Charley Petit, Owen Wiggins, Joey McGlinchey, 
Reed l\/larl<ham, Alex Raab, Dennis Hearns, Adrian Cliavez, Kiernan Biel, 
Ryan Vauglnn, Matt Kwasnik; Middle Row: Brian Peterson, Jake Montoya, 
Trevor Brake, Jeff Wisneski, Sean Staples, John Jensen, Liam Spillane, 
C.J. Whitcher, Chris Greene, Jack Wilson, Coach Lantier; Front Row: Evan 
Cannata, Eric Scott, Cam MacDonald, A.J. DeBenedictis, Pat Collins, Zak 
Zanengo, Adam Donoghue, Ted Greene, and Ben McTigue. 

The boys winter track team 
had a great season this 
year. They started off the 
season well with a huge win 
against Plymouth South 
High School with a score of 
72-27. They continued to do 
well throughout the season 
and win more events. The 
boys had a great season 
and are sure to have many 
more to come if they keep 
up the good work. 


Ski Team 

"Going into this season losing a 
significant amount of the team 
from last year, I was unsure how 
we were going to do and how well 
our top ten would race against the 
rest of the league. With such a 
young team I wasn't expecting us 
to do nearly as well as we did this 
season. There was so much 
improvement from the beginning 
of the season to the end. 
Individuals stepped up when they 
needed to and were really able to 
pull through for the team. Out of 
my four years of being on this 
team, this is the most progress I 
have ever seen in just a year, and 
for that we should be extremely 
proud of ourselves. I hope you all 
have a great season next year 
and I'll miss you all. Good luck!" 
-Senior Captain Haley DeMarco 

Back Row: Tim Jones, Viktor Stanley, George Robbie, Matt 
McKeen , Matt Cibotti, Chris McGrath, Shane Donlan, Chris 
Geany, Mike Logue, Nicky Caira, Curtis Webb, 
Keith(freshman), Coach Schlager, Front Row: Coach Grant, 
Megan O'Brien, Michaela Nichols, Emma Butterfield, Chappie 
Scheller, Julia DiMartinis, Haley DeMarco, Tessa DeMarco, 
Becca Hathaway, Alyssa Gunville, Michaela Bucca, Laura 

Ski Team 

"With only one skier going to 
states last year and not even 
making top three in the league, I 
was very confident that we could 
improve with more practice and 
hard work. This year we had nine 
races, which is more than any 
other year in ski team history. The 
great weather faired well and we 
got more practice in than normal. 
All the newcomers learned quickly 
and we all felt ahead of the other 
teams. Not including BC and 
Hingham, which are both large 
schools, it looked like a good 
year. I was right; a few skiers 
made states and we came in third 
place in the league and first in our 
division. I am very proud of the 
team and could not have asked 
for a better senior season. Thanks 
team, you were great. Good luck 
next year!"- Senior Captain Nick 

Back Row: Chris McGrath, Chris Geany, Curtis Webb, 
Nicky Caira Front Row: Coach McGrath, Rebecca 
Hathaway, Haley DeMarco, Coach Grant 

JV Hockey 

The JV Hockey team had 
a great season where 
they played lots of tough, 
big schools like 
Marshfield, Quincy, and 
Rockland. Although the 
year did not turn out as 
they all had hoped, the 
team had some fun times 
going to 5 am practices 
and pasta parties. The 
players and coaches will 
take away some 
wonderful memories from 
this season. 

Back row: Joe Richardson, David Marinelli, Ryan Deary, Tyler 
Hilson, Shawn Tierney, Rob Senator, James DiGregorio, Chris 
Palmerielo and Coach Whelton. Front Row: Jack Harrington, Sean 
0;Sullivan, David Tobin, Paxton Colby, Laura Ferzoco, John Fisher 

and Tom Vafidades. \ 

Varsity Hockey 

Back Row: Coach Casagrande, John Finnigan, Drew Himberg, Clay Ferguson, Ryan Brown, 
Evan Gray, Pat Johnston, Tyler Hilson, Robbie Mines, Joe Carroll, Mark Webber, Alex 
Clement, Coach Doyle, Coach Whelton. Front Row: James Vafiades, James DiGregorio, 
Blair McGreenery, Drew Fitzmourice, Aidan Roach, Graham Ferguson, Laura Ferzoco, Pat 
Hathaway, Craig Frehill, Jake Campbell, Brenden Burns, John Fisher, Dave Marinelli 

The Norwell High School varsity hockey team had a great season. 
They had many strong seniors carrying the team to victory. The 

seniors went undefeated in the league their four years at Norwell 
High School. They won the leage title all four years also. The 
Norwell hockey team will continue to strive in coming years. 

Swimming and Diving 

Back Row: Charlie McKitrick, Stephen Herling, Zack Tehrani, Peter MacDonald, Ian Flesner, Michael Day, Corbin 
Foucart, Shane Carey, Robbie Carney, Devon Uhlman, James Wrick, Brandon Morrison, Steven McClellan; 

Middle Row: Kevin Lawrence, Tristan Elliot, Lauren Connington, Jane Lifters, Bridget Lawson, Shealyn 
Lonnergan, Sarah Perfettio, Pearl Williams, Brianna Perfettio, Liz Hurley, Rachel Carrillo, Nicole Harper, Megan 
Cavano, Rachel Caldwell, Katherine Snyder, Abby Foucart; Front Row: Emily Picard, Ruth Westeguard, Colleen 
Fitzgibbons, Kathy Callahan, Kathryn Duggan, Julia Napolitano, Emily Mandigo, Kim Baranowski, Autumn Conti, 
Gabi Vernaiha, Grace Moore, Siobhan Murphy, Connor Davies, and Sarah Chardi 

"The swimming and diving program has grown exponentially in the past four years. 
All of the talented members led us to the best winning record Norwell has ever seen. 
The team really came together as a family and it can only get better from here." 

-Senior Captain Julia Napolitano 


Back row: Cohasset, Sam Casey, Abby Smith, 
Hannah McKitrick, Sam Sprague, Cohasset, 
Cohasset Middle Row: IVladdie Ward, 
Cohasset, Shirin Tehrani 

The Norwell Gymnastics 
team partners with the 
Cohasset Gymnastics team 

each year in order to 
acquire enough gymnasts to 
compete competitively. The 
girls had a great season 
and continued to impress 
the competition as they 
completed amazing feats of 

defying gravity. The 
Norwell-Cohasset alliance 
has proved successful and 
the future seasons only look 

The wrestling team had a 
great season this year. After 
losing some key members 
of the team last year, the 
seniors really stepped up to 
help the team out. Along 
with some incredible 
underclassmen, the team 
finished the season off 
strong and sent two 
members, Ryan Taverna 
and Brad Cunio, to the D3 
state tournament adn 
Taverna went even further 
to the All-state meet. Next 
year they look forward to 
having some strong 
wrestlers and hope to do 
just as well. 


First Row: Ian O'Shaughnessy, Ryan Taverna, Luke Nigro, Mike 
Fanning, Chase Marr, Bobby Callahan, Aeddan Flaherty, Genji 
Leonard; Second Row: Jon Shontz, Andrew Marrese, Ben Gordon, 
Zach Good, Cormac Garvey, Sheamus O'Sullivan, Wes Bittner; 
Third Row: Tom Driscoll, Tom Jensen, Dan Allen,Tobi Adebango, 
Liam Dennigan, Paul Stack; Fourth Row: Greg Butler, Ryan 
Mudge, Sean Locke, and Coach Sullivan 


e wi 



s .flf the SecoH^^^^^^^^^eHg^^fe J 

aHd^archetti, Molly LodigiaHi, 4ulla PiMartidis, and | 
"^'W Chloe CogglHS. ' 

ivy/ 4 am % ^ w /^x 


Festival Play: Hole 

Non-Festival Plays: / 
The Shallow Sc W 
3imbos Sittin' Around Talkin' 


\ 1 





What is your favorite 

Clothing Store? Charlotte Russe 
Movie? The Curious Case of 

jJeKijamlw button 
Pastime? ^olng to Boston 
Sohg? 4ust l^ahce- lady &a&a 
T.V. Show? The hurried Life 
Artist? [?avld ^uerra 
Food? Mozarella Sticks 
Class at NHS? French 
Restaurant? Pawera 

What do you wiss most about 
less rules and busses. 

Clothing Store? Urban Outfitters 
Movie? Manhattan by Woody Allen 
Pastime? ^olng to the movie theater 
Song? Mr.Tambourlne Man by M Pylan 
T.Y. Show? Sex and the City 
Artist? M Pylan 
Food? American version of Chinese food 
and Starbucks 
Class at NHS? Creative Writing 
Restaurant? Uno's 

What do you miss most about home? 
My friends and walking everywhere 


Con^jCcitulatbriS Gass of ZO I O 

-NHS Boosters 

f i i 


NorWell High School 4 


To our son Curds & to our wonderful 
Staff graduadng: Congratulations to you all!! 

• Cory Conley 

• Kathryn Duggan 

• Liz Dwyer 

• Rebecca Hathaway 

• Tim Healy 

• Katie Howard 

• Kate MacDonald 

• Ryan Tiemey 

• Curtis Webb 

• Justin Weintraub 

Thank you for your years of dedication. 
And consrats to all our Student Members ^aduadn^ as well!! 

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Norwell Knoll :^ 

Rehahilitation and Nursing Center 

To Jill and all her friends: 
Congratulations and best wishes for 
a successful college experience! 
We'll miss the noise! 

-Joanna and Mike Sheeran 








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Congratulaions Qass of 2010! 



-Love, the Dwyei 


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CI OSS o f 2010! 
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